Sunday, 28 February 2010

marching orders

Spring 2010 is huge on Military. Khaki green, embellished badges, skinny belts, shoulders, uniform dressing have been seen on the runways.
Searching along the line of khaki green/brown, I finally found the perfect tapered pants that is high waisted and has pleats. What I like about tapered pants is it's relaxed and comfortable look. Recently, my clothes have been steered towards high-waisted, which allows me to look taller than I actually am =) The skinny belt also helps in bringing in my waist. Nithe calls them aladdin pants and he hates them.... boohoo
top: Billabong, pants: Zara, necklace: F21, heels: Jeffrey Campbell

I'm dying to get a nude peach bf blazer. I saw one at Zara but it was too long and seemed to be drowning me. Peach blazer, where are you?

Friday, 26 February 2010

dress down friday

Since it's Friday, I've decided to attempt wearing shorts to work for the first time. I feel that shorts can look pretty dressy if paired correctly. Add a splash of red to brighten up the entire black/white outfit.
blazer: Zara, tee: Uniqlo, shorts: Uniqlo, bag: Balenciaga, belt: Miss Sixty, leggings: Zara kids
Few months ago when I spotted scuffing on the corners on my Balenciaga city, I was depressed, so much so that I stopped carrying it for a period of time to prevent further damage. I couldn't figure how it could get scuffed when I carry it with so much care. I don't even allow Nithe to touch it. Rather then letting it 'rest' in my closet, I figured now that I should juz carry it as much as possible and not 'waste' the money spent. Keeping it in the closet won't revert it back to its original state either. I've seen photos of how celebrities abuse their Balenciagas and they seem to only look better with wear......... On the other hand, my twiggy is holding up really well. I supposed it's juz the different pipings.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Furla Union Jack Flagship Clutch

I always seem to have love for anything with a union jack. When I saw Furla's Flagship Collection on, I knew I had to get a piece from this collection. They had the shopping tote, a crossbody messenger and a clutch. The clutch seems to be the perfect item without appearing obsessly patriotic. I felt pretty lucky to manage to snug the last piece currently available. They should be bringing in more stocks as well as different countries soon.
blazer: Uniqlo, top: h&m, denim: 575, clutch: Furla

exploration skin care regime

Management is trying to impose the stupid no makeup crap on the clean room and many people are unhappy. After so many years, why bother now? Anyway, it's a good excuse for me to indulge in some skin care to attempt to shrink my unsightly pores (thanks to competitive sports last time and our crazy humid weather) and impeding dark circles. Bought some of these from Japan and hope they work =) Fancl, Shiseido, Shu Uemura, Kanebo, Canmake, SKII, Dr.Ci:Labo are some well-known Japanese cosmetics brand. Sadly, I didn't really do my homework about their products before my trip and I am pretty comfortable with Bobbi Brown/MAC. When I walked into their drug store, I was overwhelmed with their selection. I didn't know where to start as everything was in Japanese. In the end, I settled for some really basic stuffs that I needed.My dear friend introduced me to this brand a few months back and I felt that it was pretty good. It's kinda on the same level as SKII but less well known locally. Only after buying it, I realized that SG don't bring in this particular product =) Next on my to-get-list is Aqua-Collagen-Gel which is a 5-in-1 gel consisting of toner, milky lotion, makeup base, beauty essence, brightening essence.
Desperately in need of loose powder, I remembered that same friend recommending MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder, how it is able to minimize the appearance of pores, lines and imperfections and set makeup.
I'm hoping that all these new products do not clash and cause me a major breakout. Last time I combined Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil together with SKII Facial Treatment Essence, it didn't turn out too well...

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I ♥ Japan

Last day in Tokyo was spent searching for food and things to buy home. We had our final breakfast at a local eatery. We had to pay for our coupons at a vending machine, get our coupons, then pass them to the chef.
Beef udon
Have pretty much given up hope on shopping for clothes so we roamed around the supermarket of Takashimaya =) Look at the delicious skewers.
Eventually, we decided to try this giant bbq squid (S$6). It's like 20cm long and it was awesome.
I'm so sad that I've to leave this beautiful country and can't wait to be back. Next time, I'll definitely reduce the amount of walking/shopping and focus on eating and skiing =) With a very sad bank account, it's time to hibernate and stop spending to save for my next trip......

Monday, 22 February 2010

unfruitful shopping outing

There's nothing special to do in Tokyo besides shopping and eating. When I learnt about Gotemba Premium Outlet, I knew I had to pay it a visit when I'm in Japan. A day trip south of Tokyo and 6 hrs of outlet shopping was what I was looking forward to. The store directory included brands like Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu, YSL, Chloe, Hugo Boss, Nike, Adidas............. For full listing, click here. Apparently on a clear day, there's also a good view of Mount Fuji from Gotemba.
Highway bus terminal
Look at the brand listing! All my favorite brands and I left the place 6 hrs later empty handed =( The selection of items at Balenciaga was pathetic whereas Bottega, Prada, YSL had decent stuffs. Maybe the fact that my traveling cost for the entire trip can buy 2 regular priced Balenciagas guilt me into not spending any additional money. My boy on the other hand managed to pick up some really good deals from Hugo Boss. With discounts ranging from 50-80%, he bought yet another Hugo Boss leather belt (3) and a full leather messenger bag. Bag, belts, blazer, shoes, sweater, watch, now who's the boss......After 1 whole day of shopping, we were totally drained and recharged over shabu shabu at some local eatery near our hotel. It's surprising to me how the younger generation Japanese still don't understand basic English. We had such a hard time trying to order and had to depend on photo pointing.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

my most extravegant breakfast

Japan is the country that consumes most raw fish so where better to visit then Tsukiji fish market, the world's biggest wholesale fish and seafood market. They have this tuna auction, where tourists are allowed to observe the auction process. Open for tourists only from 5am to 6.15am, we had to drag our asses out of bed at 4.30am to make it down in time for the auction. When we arrived, there were trucks driving everywhere, fork lifts with boxes of produce weaving through the small lanes and the lost tourists. It felt as though at every single moment, I'm blocking someone's way.
All directions in the market were in Japanese so we had to let our bellies guide us to the tuna. We managed to make our way to the auction house and laid on the ground were these huge frozen tunas. Middlemen are hired to help inspect and place bids. It was a very orderly process.
I think the tuna is about the same size as me

After the auction, we went hunting for breakfast and we spotted this queue from far. There wasn't that many people when we joined the queue at about 630am but we still queued for over an hour before we got a seat in the restaurant. There're at least 40 people in the queue.The restaurant is really small. Juz a sushi bar counter and seats around it. 15 people max can fit in at each time, hence the long wait. Good things don't come easy right. Once we were seated, our food were served almost instantly. Presenting the best sushi set I've ever eaten. Tuna belly, fresh shrimp, sea urchin, salmon roe and tuna, salmon belly, tamago, squid and sea water eel. My favorite has to be salmon belly. It totally melted in my mouth. The feeling is indescribable... Of coz, the price to pay for freshness is S$60 for a set of 7 pieces and miso soup. S$60 for breakfast, a first for me.

2 very satisfied customers, stomach filled with fresh fishes. Totally worth the money spent, the queue and the chill. Sushi will never taste the same again back home....Headed to Tokyo Tower and Nithe decided that it wasn't worth paying to go up a replica when he has been to the original Eiffel Tower before. Next was Ginza. The street was closed and pedestrians were able to walk freely alone the whole street, with benches set up for tired shoppers. I had no idea that Sonia Rykiel for H&M part 2 was launched today. When I walked pass H&M prior to it's store opening, there was a long queue outside so I happily decided to join in. I'm no fan of the collection but the crowd left me not wanting to get anything. Got a few basics from Uniqlo though, stuffs that I wanted to get back home but was juz too lazy. Visited Burberry Blue Label and was tempted to get a trench but why do I need a thousand dollar trench when it's perpectually 30 degrees in SG.......Harajuku was next on my list and we started off with some crepes. It was so yummy. I'm not a fan of cream but crepes with fresh cream, strawberries and cheesecake was to die for. No wonder there's always a queue for it. It seems that Japanese love to queue for things. hahahaha
What do you expect Harajuku to be on a Saturday night? Packed with people of coz....
We've walked for more than 12 hrs today and our soles are blistered and flat. It doesn't help that Tokyo's subway and metro isn't the easiest thing around....

Friday, 19 February 2010

a hike up the snow mountain to visit our snow monkey friends

Before leaving Nagano, we decided to join a local day tour to better know this beautiful place outside of the ski mountains. The tour includes visiting Jigokudani Wild Monkey Hotsprings, Masuichi-Ichimura Sake Brewery and Zenkoji Temple. Highlight of this tour is definitely the snow monkeys. We had to hike up the snow mountain to search for our dear little friends, who keep themselves warm in the winters by dipping in the onsen. Really cute fur balls and they are nonchalent towards us.
Next, we went to this little town called Obuse for lunch at this traditional sake brewery. The town is really nice but has been tourisified. Souvenier shops along the streets, sake tasting, fruit stores etc.
Sake tasting at the brewery. My boy enjoying it to the max. Surprisingly even though sake has relatively high alcohol level, I don't turn red from it.
One of their local delicacy, fried locust. Really tasty =)
Our final stop was Zenkoji Temple. It's one of Japan's national treasure and has over 1400 years of history. It's like the mecca of the Japanese as most try to visit this temple at least once a lifetime. Really can't bear to leave the beautiful snow city but Tokyo awaits =) I'll surely come back to Nagano for more snow action.
Authentic char grilled unagi. Taste totally different from those back at home. Love love love unagi, not a state of total awareness =)