Thursday, 31 December 2009

bye 2009, welcome 2010

2009 was a good year for me. Survived 1 year of FYP and finally graduated with B Eng. in Bioengineering. Made some really good friends are thankful for them to make it through those 4 years. I'm still waiting on my mum's graduation present! Managed to secure a decent job as a Quality Engineer despite the gloomy economical outlook during mid-year. Might not be the perfect job but at least things seem to be slowly turning for the better at the end of the year. My boy passed his MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) and is officially a practicing medical doctor. As much as he hates his choice of career, I'm still super proud of him.
Annual family vacation to Mongolia. Horse riding, deserts, grasslands and scotching temperatures (40 oC)....
Had our first NYGH Sec 4/5 class gathering after 6 years of hiatus

And few days ago, I've juz received news that ALL 5 NYGFs are finally ATTACHED. Like finally. Now, who's getting married first?
I discovered my interest in playing with my little sewing machine after a good friend of mine introduced me a few fashion blogs. I was totally surprised by the patience I had to work on something for 10hrs straight, making trips to Chinatown to get new fabrics..... Haven't been working on anything lately and still have a huge box of unused fabrics dumped in my room.
Attended 3 fashion events. Topshop, Mango and Uniqlo. Miraculously managed to win tickets to these events and had a smashing time <3
Even though I've been spying of Balenciaga for ages, my love was finally reciprocated in 2009 =) Very damaging to my wallet but their beauty simply can't be ignored despite my best-est efforts.
2009 S/S Pre-Season Sanguine GSH City, 2009 F/W Main Collection Anthracite Twiggy

Lastly not forgetting my new shoe purchases of 2009, upgrading from 3" to 4" to 4.5" and finally hitting 5".
top left: Jeffrey Campbell, ASOS, Steve Madden, Steve Madden, Steve Madden
second row left: Zara, Pedder Red, Pedder Red, Aldo, Steve Madden
third row left: Steve Madden, ASOS, Keds, Pedder Red, Steve Madden
forth row left: Steve Madden, Steve Madden, Aldo, Doc Martens

2009 has been really taxing on my pocket. My resolution for 2010 is to cut down on small spendings, try to enjoy my job and view things from a positive perspective. Some really exciting things are gonna take place in the next few months. Looking forward to a great new year =)

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

post christmas sale

What a nice way to spend my 'off' day with Zara sale and desserts at Privé with my gf. I was so in love with my Zara houndstooth wool coat that I wore it at home for a whole 10 mins (29 oC ). Looking forward to February =)

5 out of 5: I'm done

All the fierceness aside, a comfortable pair of plaid sneakers from Keds. It's a very versatile casual shoe that can be worn with almost anything. Good travelling shoes too. In fact, this pair was purchased to hit the value required by to entitle free international shipping. Shipping for juz the Jeffrey Campbell will cost me more than this pair so why not. More importantly, my sis can wear them too so I won't feel too guilty about buying so many pairs of shoes =)Studs, platform, wedges, I've got them all! Broke but happy =)
from left: Keds Champion, Steve Madden Sambuka, Steve Madden Pointter,
Steve Madden Trustt, Jeffrey Campbell Tick

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

4 out of 5 = Jeffrey Campbell LOVE

I've been dying to own a pair of Jeffrey Campbell since a few months back but didn't act upon my desire. Firstly, they don't come cheap. Secondly, the smallest size they have is size 6 and I'm actually a size 5-5.5. All that went down the thrash when I saw this. Ain't the box pretty?
Presenting my very first Jeffrey Campbell, TICK in Natural. Yes I know the black one has been around for awhile but the black and silver studs combination was a little too over the top for me plus the black booties would be too similar to my Steve Madden. However when I saw Tick in Natural, it spoke to me. Compared to black, natural was slightly more muted and came with brass studs. A lighter shoe, perfect for Spring. Also, what is there not to love about 5" wedge heel with a 1.5" platform......
This letter was printed at the bottom of the box =)
I'm pretty sure this is only the start to an exciting Jeffrey Campbell obsession =)

my second parcel!

It's about time that this arrived. Singpost held it for 1 full week.......

Monday, 28 December 2009

3 out of 5

My final pair of Steve Madden. Presenting, Steve Madden Sambuka. The studded heel, the peep toe = <3

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Blessed Christmas

Blessed Christmas to all! Today, I've attended my first Malay, my first peer's wedding dinner, as well as the first wedding dinner with 2 marrying couples. To be honest, I wasn't so sure about attending in the first place because I bearly knew her for 5 months and it's on Christmas night but decided to get in the end to show my support to my colleague and also because I was exciting to wear my new outfit =) It was held at Hotel Rendezvous along Orchard Road.
The lovely bride and groom =) She's my age. hahaha.....
So much for the wedding. This is what I wore. Instead of simply throwing on a $700 evening gown or any night dresses, I've decided to dress it down with pants and play with my existing wardrobe. My whole assembly + heels, excluding accessories cost less than $200 =)
lace bustier: F21, silk tapered pants: Topshop, belt: Miss Selfridge, pearl necklace: mum's heels: Steve Madden
Maybe I should invest in a classic clutch bag that I can use for formal occasions. Shall save up for the next wedding dinner I've to attend. Hopefully not anytime soon.
watch & diamond ring: mum's, LV Epi clutch: nithe's mum

Friday, 25 December 2009

2 out of 5

Introducing my second new pair of Steve Madden, Trusst. Gold studs with 1.25" platform and 5.5" heels, that's some feisty shoe =) I hope I don't lose my balance and break my ankle wearing these heels... Juz trying to gain as much height as possible to match my 1.9m tall bf. It would be perfect if he could lose 10cm and donate them to me.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Mulberry Anthony belongs to ............

Christmas present from my mum. I wish.... She doesn't even want to give me a dime. She specially bought this Mulberry Anthony bag for her Korea trip. And after that, I'll probably carry it much more than her that it will literally become mine =)

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

my puddle of chains

You know how it is like to have 1 item that you are dying to wear and everything is matched around that 1 item.
blazer: Zara, top: Armani Exchange, necklace: Tangs

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!

Best Christmas present thus far. NOTHING is gonna beat it. My stomach literally turned when I was told this news..................

Christmas is 2 days away and ......

I came to office to receive these on my desk from my big boss (not the smelly and irritating one). Now can someone tell me how to spend $200 at Best Denki? My knowledge of Best Denki is limited to hair dryers and home electrical appliances?? $200 Takashimaya or Tangs voucher would be wayyyy more awesome.Also, this Cedele gift box came from a client whose product I am involved in =) Everyone's in a festive mood since there's half day tmr. All that's lacking now is some eggnog and fruitcake.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

high on bows

Bows are so whimsical. I remembered that I used to wear those little dresses with a big bow at the back as a kid. And we would chase each other around the playground, trying to untie each others' bows. All that athletic training from young =) Despite all the prints going on with the dress, this red little bow belt seems to have stolen it all.
dress: Miss Selfridge, belt: some store at Haji Lane, heels: Steve Madden
More bows at the back =)
And presenting 1 out of 5 of my new acquires. Steve Madden Pointter. By now, the idea that I'm in love with wedges should be vivid. I remembered seeing MK in something similar and it has stucked in my head ever since. Also, the pair of oxford wedges that eluded me. So when this pair went on sale online, I had to get it. How awesome is 1.5" platform with 4.5" wedge. But when I wore them out, I felt a million eyes staring........ My current favorite heels =)
Mary Kate Olsen Hulanicki Topshop Summer09 dress

Monday, 21 December 2009

guess what did I buy

This came for me from USA today. Shall do a reveal once my second box arrives. Christmas is gonna be sooooo good =)

Saturday, 19 December 2009

F3 galore

My latest acquisitions from the recent Topshop & Miss Selfridge end of season sale =) I'm crazily into retro/vintage looking printed dresses. My sister said that it looks like something my grandmother could wear. Slight alterations to the length and it gives an updated vibe. Throw on a simple blazer and it's good for work. Also loving the denim blazer. The uneven bleaching gives it a rock chic look. Blazer no. 11.
all from Miss Selfridge except bottom right dress from Topshop
The weird thing about the Topshop dress is that it's listed under new arrivals on but it's on sale in SG? Hmmm.... this is a first

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

company dinner '09

I've been looking forward to this day for awhile coz not only do we have free dinner, it's bonus day =) But sadly, there wasn't half day so we had to bring all our stuffs to work and change after work. Us photowhoring while waiting for the bus to pick us up.
dress: Miss Selfridge, belt: Topshop, bag: Balenciaga, watches: multiple
My daily lunch buddies
Triple three serves one of the best dinner buffets and I was really shocked when many of them said that the spread isn't very good and that Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts (DFS) was better last year!!??!?!?? They obviously have no idea what's going into their mouths. Money wasted.

Me and my QC girls. None of us were willing to take photo with the smelly one.
sweet 23s
big big boss and big boss

Monday, 14 December 2009

IT bag of 2010

OMG finally!!!! Can't wait to get my hands on one.....