Friday, 21 December 2007

sony ericsson w960

After a long wait and the crazy hype about iphone, I've finally gotten myself this. The phone was out-of-stock 2 days after it's launch. Yay!

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

denim me

Added 2 more pairs of Miss Sixty to my denim collection. Seriously hope that my working attire is casual (t-shirt and jeans) since I'll be spending most of my time in the plant.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

extreme sports

I understand why some sports are labeled as extreme sports. Snowboarding almost killed me. Within a short span of 2hrs, I suffered an awful concussion, a nearly Colles' fracture, coccyx injury, and very bruised knees. I mean the snow and coldness is fun but the falling is PAINFUL. It might be due to poor quality snow/ice at SnowCity coz it's artificial and HARD. The instructors were saying that Japan's ski resorts are really top notch and that snow is at least 1m deep. So so so looking forward to it. Diving shall be my summer sport and snowboarding my winter sport. Please rain money.

Saturday, 15 December 2007

in loving memory

Have been really busy the past week, helping out with nithe's grandfather's funeral. Running between home and yishun, staying over late to do guard duty etc. But all these made me feel closer to his family.

When someone close is diagnosed with some terminal illness and you are given a duration, you try to accept it and prepare yourself but when the time really comes, are you able to let go? I think it's really hard. So I rather be selfish and to die first and not go through the torment of losing my love ones.

Monday, 10 December 2007

post exams celebrations

To mark the end of an awful semester, we went for a post exams luncheon with our other halves at Kenny Rogers and then to Billy Bombers for more milkshake. Oh boy it was good. And mama Tryph made truffles for us! It's really damn good. Totally melts in your mouth. It's juz sad that next sem, people will be all over. Some overseas doing student exchange, me working at no man's land Kranji, and some still stuck in school.

And before Kristy returns to Indo, we went to IndoChine Empress Place to chill. It's a pity they didn't open the open air section due to the bad weather. Still, we enjoyed ourselves and had pretty much the whole place to ourselves. I can get used to such life. hahahaha..

The 5 of us simply can't seem to be sick of photowhoring.

Saturday, 8 December 2007

rising above

It's pretty amusing to see how women are willing to stuff so much money under their armpits.
Shopping alone is way easier.

I detest people who simply pay lip service. Say it, mean it and do it.

Friday, 7 December 2007

I'm done

Exams are finally over! I swear Biothermodynamics was the longest 2 hr paper in my life. It was NASTY. Even though it was open book paper, I was totally clueless with regard to where to flip to. I juz hope that labs and quiz are able to get me through this module. The good news is that I'll probably not have to take any exams for the next whole year since I'll be doing attachment next semester, unless I choose to take evening modules or special sem. Not super looking forward to attachment either since it's far far away in Kranji and I'll be there alone. Anyways, I'm juz gonna enjoy my holidays and spend time with friends who will be leaving for SEP.

Monday, 3 December 2007

nithe's prisoner

Nithe is EVIL! He has successfully imprisoned me in his house. Usually if I stay at his place when he's out, he will leave behind his house keys so I can lock up when I wanna leave. Today, he happily locked his gates and took his keys with him. So now I'm locked from inside and I can't leave. I always knew he had such intentions to lock me up. hahahahha

Sunday, 2 December 2007

why am i not studying?

Instead of preparing for my paper for tomorrow, I went for Sunday Brunch at Sheraton Tower Hotel. I really know how to enjoy don't I? hahahaha.. Who gives a darn about exams anymore. And they actually charged my sis kid's rate (for children under 12) when she is turning 18 next year. They were definitely feeling generous.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

i heart billy bombers

I've been there like 3 times in a week. Every visit, they will surely give us more vouchers to go back again like $15 off with min spending of $30 etc. And nithe is totally addicted to their chocolate malt shake.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

goodbye leach

I'm so thankful that I'm finally DONE with CAD drawings. For at least the past 6 days, I've spent a MINIMUM of 6 hrs in front of the computer. My ass is so darn sore now. And whoever thought that CAD is the easiest among all reports, you probably have no idea what CAD is at all. A total time-leach. And Zeming has become the most popular guy among the CAD drawers. Really thanks to him otherwise I won't be able to complete my report.
Anyway, nithe is a daddy. He delivered his first child! And no I'm not pregnant.

Friday, 16 November 2007

still struggling

I'm so relieve to survive the past week. Done with 2 presentations, and 3 lab reports. All I have now is 1 design CAD report + 4 exams. It will all be over in 3 weeks. Luckily this time round my papers are quire evenly spreaded out.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

more milkshake for me

I had my double shot fix of Billy Bombers milkshake and cheese fries. Happy :)

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

BN3101 accomplished

I guess this officially marks the end of BN3101 - Rotator Cuff Repair System. All that's left is the final report which I have to consult my fellow CAD drawer for help. Anyway, really glad that this module is OVER! It took up much more time and effort then it should for a 4MC module. I have to admit that this module provided me with much more entertainment value than knowledge. I never had such intensive project meetings ever. And of course, I've learned alot more about my group mates. They are really a bunch of nice people. I'm happy that my group doesn't have those un-necessary internal conflicts that were present in few other groups.

If only these 4 guys bullied the only girl in the group. Then I might have a chance to cry in front of Casey Chan and maybe win the against all odds award. hahahaha..

See, there are hot girlS in engine - bioengine I meant.

I look tall in this shot. Yay!

We look good in formal don't we?

Monday, 12 November 2007


Social acceptance is the fact that most people, in order to fit in with the others, look and act like them. It stops (mostly) everyone from truly being themselves.

Quoted from an article:
COLUMBUS, Ohio - What others think about you may affect your own health and well being. A new study found that college students held in high esteem by their roommates were happier and had less physical problems than those who were not liked as much.
The less-favored students had more mental and physical problems, such as low-self esteem, depression and illness.
"According to this study, social acceptance affects mental and physical health more than health predicts social acceptance."
And while researchers in the past have acknowledged that a link exists between social acceptance and personal health, the jury was out on how the two affected each other. According to this study, social acceptance affects mental and physical health more than health predicts social acceptance.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

flattering denim

I seem to have some uncanny luck when it comes to sale shopping. Joined Jess for the Inhibit sale at Hilton Hotel and grabbed 2 pairs of jeans. Juz happy that I managed to get what I wanted at the expense of parting with more money. Some times I wonder why would jeans be so expensive. I've never even heard of some brands before. Well, Sass & bide and Cheap Monday, together with my old Miss Sixty should keep me occupied for awhile. And I can't gain weight otherwise they're not gonna fit nicely since they're skinnies. So much for no more shopping right. hahahahaha

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

marinate me with oil

Juz came back from a full body javanese massage. Totally relaxed now.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

sexy booties

I've been dying to get a pair of booties since last year when I bought my knee high boots in China. It's so freaking cheap over their but oh well, my dearie mum went on complaining about how many pairs of shoes I own and that 1 pair of boots will be sufficient. It's like the latest fall trend and many celebs are wearing similar booties. Featured in Female, Urban, Seventeen etc. and it goes with jeans, shorts, dresses, almost everything and it's mine! muahhahahahha
Booties from PedderRed

I Love Mischa Barton's style. Always on top of fashion. And she's my age. How nice.

Monday, 5 November 2007

sarah's farewell

This is almost 1 month overdue but this lucky girl will be in Maldives for 3 months on internship at FourSeasons Maldives! How cool is that. Sparkling beaches, beach hunks, bikini babes.. As much as I want to pack myself into her luggage, I'll have to cut myself into 2. Maldives is one of those must visit places, great to chill and DIVE! Sarah, I'm still waiting for you to upload photos of beach hunks and bikini babes. hahahahah. We will miss you!

Sunday, 4 November 2007

time for a change

Saturday, 3 November 2007

humpty dumpty

When was the last time you hit your head on the edge of your bed? I feel like a primary school kid once again. It hurts and now there's a bump on my head. ouch.

Friday, 2 November 2007

yet another great sale

You know how is it when people go for sales, they tend to go for the display carts, with heaps of folded/messed up clothes, to search for the cheapest item. I did the exact opposite. Straight for the kill, I went for the jackets, this full length fur coat for myself, and a full leather motorcycle jacket for nithe. I was totally over the moon. There was only 1 piece each on display and both happened to be our sizes. I GRABBED them. The best part is tons of people wanted to buy them but according to the sales people, they only have 1 of each on sale. How lucky am I? And each was selling for $80, whereas retail price should range above $600 each. We are gonna be warm and comfy in Hokkaido yet look stylish and cool! No more ugly trash bag jackets for me.

I LOVE Armani Exchange. Bought a few more tshirts and shirts for nithe. Now his wardrobe is filled with mainly Raoul, Armani Exchange and Guess. HAPPY!!!

I'm a total shopping junkie. I seriously gotta get a hold of myself otherwise I'll be spending ALL my money on things that are cheap and not things that I need.

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

happy halloween

It's such a pity Singaporeans don't really bother celebrating Halloween. I mean it seems like a pretty fun thing to do. Still remembered many years back when I was in sec 1 or 2, my neighbours and I specially went to buy Halloween rubber masks, wore thrash bags, and went around the estate knocking on people's door, trick-or-treating. It was weird but fun. Back then, my dad will also prepare a few packets of sweets in case some kids came pressing on our door bells. But nothing of this sort this year. People are getting old and boring. Have to make it a point to inject some spice into my life. Not gonna miss Oktoberfest or Halloween next year. It's important to have fun right Kristy. hahahaha

Tuesday, 30 October 2007


There's this engine girl who keeps walking around school with her LV SCHOOLBAG. Great.. Now I know she's rich. argh!!

Thursday, 18 October 2007

tell me how

Both Weilong and I got a place in Baxter Healthcare for our industrial attachment. Now they are juz waiting for our confirmation. I'm tempted to accept the job and stop all this search yet it's not exactly what I'm looking for. What if I'm to accept now and some other company gives me a better offer? What if I reject Baxter and get stranded with nothing in the end? Argh!! And it's $500 per month. How sad.. It's also a huge company though. Will definitely look good on my CV next time. The only consolation is probably the working hours. 830am to 430pm. I could take evening modules if I want.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

power of the stare

Today during lunch, we discovered that Kristy has a hidden power! Basically there were more guys in her direction so we got her to test the theory. She can get guy's attention with her power stare and it was tested and proven on 2 random guys. Firstly, she managed to get J's friend's attention despite J's countless efforts. Secondly, we picked some stranger and asked her to make eye contact with him and then smile. I bet that guy sensed it coz his table kept looking over after that. It was totally hilarious and it started with J's plan to give the "JX look". Now we know J has 'bad' taste.
And we are having this obsession with soft and straight hair, inspired by a very pretty girl. Kristy and I are gonna try as many hair treatment, hair mask, hair serum as possible

Sunday, 14 October 2007

i'm lovin' the Bies

Chilling out at a girlfriend's house, casting aside all school's datelines and juz relaxing seems so unreal. We sat around, watching movies and eating ben&jerry's, chicken wings, ruffles and lays, drinking bailey's, oggle/bitch at hot girls, and had girl talks.

All these were happening in Chiew's room while the guys/bfs were outside occupying themselves.

Let's all share the love


Saturday, 13 October 2007

6 piece nuggets

I was looking through my old photos and this is what I spotted. 6 pieces nuggets look real yummy! Must work harder and tone up my body. Have been too lazy to visit the gym. I need more discipline.

Friday, 12 October 2007

i love hairy

Being the eve of Hari Raya, my mum was feeling lazy and didn't want to go to work. She offered treating me to lunch, so we went for dim sum. So happened that it's the hairy crab season and my dad wanted some. haha. I'm such a freeloader!

This small little thing costs $50.

Look at how rich its roe is. Yummy! There's not much crab meat in its small shell but it's really sinful to pay $50 juz to eat the roe. So a little scissors is provided to cut through everything and suck out as much meat as possible. It took me about half an hour to be done with it.

It's called hairy crab for a reason.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

dt's 21st birthday

Went to JiMei Floral, one of the many nurseries along Macritchie, to get flowers for dt's party at night. She wanted to decorate her porch with fresh flowers to suit her theme.

Look at the pretty flowers! Over 100 stalks for $85 bucks. The prettier the rose, the more thorny it is. How true is that.. Mich Lee, WL, Dt and I had to brave the thorns to weave the flowers on her fences. And Dt forced me to wear something flowery and said specifically that no flowers, no entry. hahahha. So many of them didn't have flowers on. Somehow, I feel tall in this photo.

To fully utilize the flowers, Dt made all of us take a bunch of them to take photos. I had to harden my hands to protect myself from the thorny roses. But they are truly beautiful.

HCJC 03S65

Where are we?

Monday, 8 October 2007

my hand eats chocolate too

TYW was in a hallowen mood so he bought chocolates for the whole class and distributed them during tutorial. After everyone stole their FAT share, the thing with my mole started.

Jordan (pointing to his lips): LQ, u wanna eat chocolate?
LQ (pointing to the mole in the middle of my palm): Yes my hands want to eat chocolate too.
TYW was shocked and totally lost. It didn't help when Jordan and company started to laugh real loudly. I was sitting at the last row and practically the whole class turned back and looked at me. It was MEGA embarassing. I didn't realize how loud I was and I remembered vividly TYW saying that tutorial was over and you people can leave.

My hand is so gonna be associated with chocolate from now.

Friday, 5 October 2007


Weilong and I went for Baxter interview and it went alright. Bullshit my way through, no awkward silences, kept asking questions to sound real interested. heehee. Luckily he didn't test me on academic based stuffs coz I'll probably be stuck. We were then brought on a window tour of the plant. It's really cool. Everything is highly automated. People wearing gowns, hair caps and shoes cover to ensure not the slightest bit of hair or unwanted material gets into the product. At the end of the tour, they told us that only take 1 of us will get the job. And Weilong also found out that they are paying a peanut sum of $500 per month. Totally cheap labour. So as for now, we are keeping our fingers crossed.

I seriously HATE waiting.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

dt's cool camera

Spent almost the whole lecture fiddling with dt's new Sony Cybershot T70. It has a damn cool function - auto smile detector, where it automatically snaps a shot when you are smiling without the need to press the button to take the shot. We were like retards, getting people around us to smile, and taking shots of each other in the LT. People seated behind us probably thought that we were crazy.. Well, we kinda understood how it works but sometimes it juz hates us. But it's still a very cool camera. TOUCH SCREEN!!!

Focus on the effects and ignore my narcissism

Dt loving her NEW phone!

And, I've concluded that it's teeth sensitive and not smile sensitive.

ChengLong tried to take a smiling shot without his teeth. He looks constipated

Saturday, 29 September 2007

too full to move

After reading so many gourmet reviews about The line @ Shangri-la, I finally had the chance to dine there. My mum wanted to celebrate my god-sister's belated birthday and post prelims, and my sister's post promos. Here's when I'll start recommending places where I'm dying to try but ain't willing to fork out the money from my own wallet. The spread served was juz WOW! They had from international cuisine to chinese, indian, italian and japanese. After going through the first round, I was so excited and was actually afraid that there wasn't enough time (usually I'm flat after about 30 mins into a buffet). In the end, I think I only had stomach space to try half of their spread. I'm surely gonna dine there again, when I find a suitable ocassion to celebrate. hahaha
And also, Happy Birthday to Dt and baby Benjamin (Anna and Adrian's newborn).

Thursday, 27 September 2007

I'm a happy girl

I've managed to convince Jess to go for the Isetan sale early in the morning with me (coz we need a isetan card to get in and her bf has it). Had to drag myself out of bed early on a rainy, holiday thursday morning for the sake of shopping and it was worth it. Managed to grab $200 worth of Armani Exchange stuffs. On normal days, $200 may get you 2-3 items in the store but I squeezed 6 items!! I couldn't believe how cheap the items were going at. Bought 3 guys tshirts for $20 each, 2 ladies tops for $30 each, and a 100% leather jacket for $80 (original retail price was $400++). When I saw the jacket, I grabbed it without second thought. I LOVE leather jackets. There's this punky yet lasting feel about it. Now I've a leather jacket to go with my knee length leather boots!
Isetan sales totally rox. I should apply for membership myself and stop bothering people.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

argh! i need more time..

It's supposed to be our 1 week mid sem break but I seem to be even more busy. Don't think I have the chance to juz slack the whole day through without touching ANY work. Stuffs at hand:
  1. BN3101 - CAD drawing, group presentation & mid sem test
  2. IAP - NUS's list of IAP companies is really LOUSY so Weilung and I (the 2 brave souls who are gonna storm 6 months of crap) have to initiate our own IAP. Must try to confirm my conpany by this week and my supposed BIE academic supervisor, Prof Zhang Yong, is on leave till 16 Oct. IAP application closes on 3 Oct. Looks like his presence is not really required for the school to approve his leave. Also,
  3. BN3201 - finally my turn to scream and pull my hair about biomechanics lab report. The possibility of having 28x2 graphs doesn't sound interesting at all.
  4. And many other things left to catch up during this SHORT 1 week break

Saturday, 22 September 2007

sinfully satisfied

Feasted at PierSide once again to celebrate the pre-coming of Adrian and Anna's son. He's so gonna be the hottest dude around, chinese dad and american mum. Anyways, we had our favourite wagyu + foie gras burger again! Can't seem to ever get enough of it.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Tryph's belated party @ chiew's place

Chiew decided to invite the BIE kids over to her place to celebrate Tryph's Belated Birthday. Thanks Chiew for the hospitality.

It's potluck style so the food you bring is the ticket into the house.
Look at all the delicious food!

Birthday girl with her birthday JELLY

Things that kept us occupied throughout the night

Chiew decided to get Tryph this mega long bolster as her present. Seriously, have anyone seen a bolster this LONG? Or am I juz exceptionally short? hahahaha..

Where's the ceiling?

Happy Belated 21st Tryph!

As what Chiew said, you can't turn 21 without a party