Sunday, 31 December 2006

cold cold cold

Finally back from China. Survived the unbearable cold weather, the oily food, the long bus rides, and most importantly, their DISGUISTING toilets. 99% of them are squat-type, 70% of those either doesn't have flush or has flush that doesn't work due to the cold weather. Luckily the hotels we stayed in were good (settled for nothing less that 4 stars). It was a scenic trip where we had a chance to be close to mother nature and enjoy her creations of mountains, rivers, waterfalls etc..
  • Skiing
  • 2 hot springs
  • 40 min flight up the mountain, 12 hr coach ride down the mountain
  • Hunt for cheap DVDs. (SG$0.80 per disc)
  • EXTREME cold weather
Hopefully there will be more skiing during CNY. Bought authentic leather boots and tons of DVDs.. 24, lost, nip/tuck, friends, numb3rs, and all of CSI to add to my DVD collection.

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

victoria secrets

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Kuishinbo delight

Finally satisfied my japanese food craving. Went to Kuishinbo @ Suntec for the highly recommended japanese buffet. Considering it's lunch buffet on a weekday, there's certainly alot of people. Great spread, nice food, price still reasonable considering the stuffs they serve. It's scary seeing how people rush for the sashimi. Some plump lady sitting at the table beside me ate 1 big plate FULL of salmon sashimi.. Expensive food also don't need to be so greedy right.. I guess it's juz the concept of buffet. Everyone goes in to eat the more expensive items and fill their stomach until they can't move after that.
I've told you tons and tons of times never to wear berms with shoes. If i don't grumble at you about that next time, it means that i don't care anymore. Is this a ploy to trick me into getting you new birkies? hahaha..

Monday, 18 December 2006

my new collection

Sunday, 17 December 2006

Winter Wonderland

Specialist Centre has the most disgusting car park.. It's supposed to be a two-way driveway but it's so narrow that only 1 car can turn at a time. So juz happened that there were MANY cars entering and leaving at the same time. More than 10 cars were caught in a bottleneck at 1 single turn. It's hard for 2 cars to be driving in opposite directions when the bornets of bigger cars are sticking out. Furthermore, the distance separating my car's side mirror and the car beside me is less than 10cm. Some impatient drivers started horning and expecting the carpark to expand or something. In the end, my dad had to help direct cars at the bend to facilitate traffic. Don't ever wanna park there anymore..
Bought most of our winter stuffs. Parents spent a bomb juz on their cashmere sweaters. The estimated total spent on jackets should be sufficient for an additional person's paid trip.

Friday, 15 December 2006

I'm a shop-addict

Went to squeeze with the crowd at the Miss Sixty Sale! Tried over 10 pairs before stumbling over 1 pair of skinny cut jeans. Apparently, they only have 1 model of skinny cut on sale and it only comes in size 24 and 25. Luckily, i managed to squeeze myself into the 25 as the rest of the cuttings are either bootcut or loose fit which doesn't really look good on my flat ass.. hahaha.. Seriously, who can resist Miss Sixty when they are having such mega sale. Then moved on to Guess at Scotts for more great deals. The branch at Scotts is less crowded as compared to the taka one and they have lotz of small sizes. Was so tempted to buy everything but i still have 5 unworn VS tops and 1 Armani Exchange top coming. WL suggested that i should go out only with my Ezlink card and nothing else. Realized that only stuffs with mega discounts appeal to me. Call me cheapo but branded stuffs are only worth buying when it's on sale.
If u wanna look good in something, buy it urself or get someone to buy it for u. Don't leech off others especially if it's a gift.

Thursday, 14 December 2006


had dinner at the Rice Table @ International building Orchard.. ala cart buffet style with over 20 small dishes served. Filled ourselves till our throats while listening to Flavin share about university life in Australia, about how the aussies drink wine/beer like water, and interesting hall stories. University life as a local student and as a foreign student is really different.. How different will my life be if I'm given a chance to study abroad?
Both soles of lenith's shoes finally gave way. I'm sure it's also a sign telling him never to wear berms with shoes again. hahaha.. laughed so hard that i couldn't breathe properly..

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

cold vs hot

The place i'm visiting in China will be around -12 degrees celsius when i visit in 1.5 weeks time. So gonna freeze my ass off.. Italy was not even below 0 degress celsius and i could feel my lungs shiver.. This is gonna be way way worst.. Wonder how am i gonna survive?

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

VS where are u?

My VS stuffs have finally arrived from States but it's stuck at Tiffany's aunt's place. Won't be able to collect it until she's back from KL next week. Was really looking forward to her return so i can collect my stuffs but guess there's always some hiccups.. Nevertheless, still grateful for her to bring back stuffs for us so we can save on the shipping cost.

Monday, 11 December 2006

phone bargain

Less than a year ago, nithe bought his N70 for $270 at HELLO shop. Today, he traded in his almost giving way N70 for $330 and bought brand new Sony Ericsson K800i for $290.
  1. He finally got rid of his problematic phone
  2. Bought a new phone with power functions at a good price
  3. Got paid to change his lousy phone for a better one

I had no idea such great deals even exist. In fact, I dragged him to Tanjong Pagar to shop with me but the store wasn't open. Ended up checking out the trade in values of his phone as it was crawling into it's grave soon. Since this shop offered such high trade in value, why hesitate?

Monday, 4 December 2006

Handel's Messiah

Instead of studying for my last paper, i went to listen to Handel's Messiah by Hallelujah Oratorio Society, followed by supper at Glutton's Bay. So much for studying.. hahahah.. Can't wait for exams to be officially over (self-declared it over long time ago)!!!

Monday, 27 November 2006

freeze! don't move

It's not the noise that's irritating, but the stillness that's killing me.. Lucky it's all over.

Thursday, 23 November 2006


Went to Singapore Sports School to visit Mr Paul as he's leaving Singapore for good. On my way there, memories started flooding my mind, about the times when i would rush down from school, rot on the bus for 45 mins, then take another 10 min walk to SSS (it was quite inaccessible back then coz SSS was new). Mr Paul would be sitting near the track with his cap, his backpack and his stopwatch. Sometimes, we could hear him scolding across the field in german. All those were 3 years ago, yet memories of it felt so vivid.
When we arrived, we found out that we intruded his 'COACH party'. Coaches from german, russian, australian and local coaches were present. Felt weird initially but juz sat around and listened to the stories they shared. Also, caught up with Xiaofeng and Hakeem. Mr. Valerie drinks hard liquor like water. Finished half a bottle in like 2 hours.
Afterwhich, Hakeem allowed me to be his pillion rider on his new bike. Virgin bike experience was thrilling and chilly. hahaha..
Mr Paul will definitely be missed. He has really taught and inspired me greatly.

Monday, 20 November 2006

welcome new neighbour

Over past week, had been with helping nithe with packing, cleaning, and unpacking. Finally, it's all over and nithe has settled into his new house. It's so fun that we are juz 2 mins walk away, can go out for supper and midnight jogs..

Thursday, 16 November 2006

lesson learnt

It's simple. If u are happy with a group of friends, hang on. If u feel excluded, and negative thoughts start popping up, either u are not putting in enough effort or they are keeping u out (knowingly or unknowingly). If something someone did is significant enough to affect u, it shows u care. If not, y even bother. Eventually, it's up to u how much u value ur friendship.
I once felt she meant a great deal to me, but after time, i realised i knew real little about her. There's no more sharing, no more interest in each other's life, till the stage where we're like strangers with a past. What's there i can do? Hang on and pretend that we're still fine?
Nithe said i should juz keep my mouth shut and juz scold him when i feel like bitching. Shall turn on stealth mode and learn to be more sensitive towards others.
Nothing in this world is unconditional..

Wednesday, 15 November 2006

sneezing spell

I need a nose transplant. It's about to drop out considering the number of times i've sneezed in the past few days. Anyone has a nose to trade?

Monday, 13 November 2006

sleeping bug

Trying real hard to fight the sleeping bug but have not been very successful. Afternoon-fall-asleeps are inevitable especially when i'm TRYING to study. At the rate i'm going, i'll probably not even complete half of the syllabus by exams. Someone please wake me up and force me to study.

Friday, 10 November 2006

what type of person are u?

You've studied REALLY HARD for a test but ended up doing quite badly. People who studied much less did better. Would you

a) Tell yourself to study even harder coz the reason you didn't perform is due to lack of preparation
b) Blame it on bad luck
c) Change your method of studying and realise that maybe hard work != to good grades
d) Slack like the rest and leave it to fate

e) Come to the conclusion that you are dumb and give up on studying

Thursday, 9 November 2006

what's your problem

My sis's exams are over and she being a total ass. Spends 80% of her time at home in my room facing the stupid computer watching youtube. It's my room and i'm having exams soon. Shouldn't she follow my schedule instead and use the computer when i'm not at home? Thanks to my lousy and unstable wireless internet. Most of the time it only works on the wired unit, thus the internet cable has to be shared between 2 computers, which also makes her room's computer useless as the wireless connection sux. Maybe i should start studying in school where i can tap on the MEGA internet, or camp at nithe's house after he shifts so that i can save my ears from "What's your problem".

Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Mr. Security Guard

The security guard commented," Juz now the BIG one drove in, now the SMALL one driving out". What an observation!

Tuesday, 7 November 2006

it's all about the rain

Oh it's a localized rain. Oh wait, it's probably some fountain splashing water. Are u sure? I think it's the pipes leaking lah! NOPE. It's the raining tree from Singapore Biennale 2006.
Was enjoying the night river breeze at Empress Place while waiting anxiously for the tree to start raining. Not long after, started hearing water. Stood under the tree for awhile after which listened to the sounds of rain drops hitting the ground from afar. Passerbys must have thought that i was crazy to stand in the rain. They were too busy dodging the rain that they failed to realise that it was only raining in that small area.
Isn't this beautiful?
"after three weeks of talking to an Angsana Tree in Singapore it started raining out of the crone just before the opening of the Singapore Biennale. It is said that the rain of the tree washes away sins, cures diseases and even makes us younger.
If u wanna catch a glimpse of this miracle tree, pls visit The Singapore MiracleAngsana tree in front of the Asian Civilisations Museum@ the Singapore River, Empress Place.

Monday, 6 November 2006

BEST Sale ever

Went for the cult sale at Raffles Conventional Hall.. If the queue to get into the hall was crazy, wad about the queue for the fitting rooms? The main attraction of this sale was the Branded jeans which apparently had discounts ranging from 40-70%. The shocking thing is that the prices of these jeans AFTER discount still exceeds $200. How can i bear to part with so much money juz for a pair of jeans? People won't even know how expensive it is by juz looking. Instead, i was drawn by the accessories sale. Bagged 2 shades, 1 Guess: $45 and 1 Fendi: $55, and 1 prescribed glasses from Loewe: $55. The best thing was that the retail price of the Guess shades is $225. Yet to check out the others.
Dropped by Holland V after that and bought another 3 tops and 1 cap. Didn't know wad gave me the urge to spurge so much within a day. Totally insane shopping! Somebody stop me pls..

Saturday, 4 November 2006


Finally went to try the Brewerkz burger with nithe. The serving was HUGE! We ordered Buffalo Chicken Wings, King Brew Burger (double patties), 1 Alt Bier, and 1 FruitBrewz. We did have light dinner before that, but we were totally filled after eating these. Clark Quay area is really bustling at night. Singapore do have a night life, just that it usually doesn't involve me. hahaha
Walked over the ACM in search of the raining tree. Walked pass indochine at Empress Place. That place's ambience is totally WOW! Great place to chill out with friends. Anyway, sat under the raining tree for a whole 40 mins but not even a single drop of water came down. Disappointing.. Shall come back some other day specially to see it rain, hoping that it will rain on me.

Friday, 3 November 2006

Is there anything wrong with the way i sit?

There's this indian bitch at NUSS club. It's like she has nothing better to do. Came into the reading room, and demanded to see my membership card. Okay, so students can't have membership access to NUSS Graduate Club? Then she went on telling me, "there's a dress code, no shorts, no slippers, only those with straps". Pls man, my birkies don't have strap? hello!! Then to the way i sit. "You are not supposed to take off ur shoes and sit with my legs crossed on the chair". This was the SECOND time she ticked me off because of how i sat. Finally, "no food should be eaten in the here and pls finish ur drink outside". Fine i know i'm not supposed to eat here but other people were eating too.. juz that they finished theirs without letting that bitch spot. So her club is a big deal.. If she's so gd, she should be working at a real country club and not hide at NUSS.

Tuesday, 31 October 2006

not again

Shifting has been postpone AGAIN! Y can't the stupid contractors juz get their jobs done? Funny how they can take so long to do simple stuffs. seriously inefficient..

Monday, 30 October 2006

WL's 21st bday celebration

Part 1 @ lower seletar reservoir park
A group of her close friends was gathered together by wb to give her a surprise at 12am, along with cake, drinks, presents, sparklers, party poppers etc. We were hiding behind the bushes at some public toilet waiting for the bday couple to walk over. But somehow, we always end up identifying the wrong couple. The candles were lit and blown out more than 3 times before we actually spotted the right ones. It was totally hilarious. We probably had more fun than the bday gal. haha

Part 2 @ Swissotel Equinox
Equinox, plus great company, never fails to disappoint me. The view up there , the delicious spread, and the rich and thick CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. Was on a chocolate high and started snapping tons of funny photos, using the beautiful balloons as the main prop. Long time since i took so many photos. Shall let the photos do the talking.

Sunday, 29 October 2006

Man-sters on the road

Lady drivers always tend to get bullied by male drivers whether or not you are at fault. Yesterday night some rude driver stole my parking lot. He pretended not to hear me horning him. After he parked and got out of his car, I opened my window to tell him that i've signaled for that lot and had been waiting for a long time. All he has to say was SORRY. wth! Wanted to scratch his lousy altis. nithe left him a note on his car " Please learn some social etiquette and stop stealing other people's parking lot".

Thursday, 26 October 2006

one-man army

And yet more packing awaits. Stuffs that have been sitting in the corner of his room since maybe like pri 5? And he has tons of story books which he probably won't read ever yet held sentimental values. So wad to do with them? Bring them along to the new house to occupy space or throw them away?
Finally did my hair. At least now it looks maintained not like hay.

Tuesday, 24 October 2006

old memoirs

juz within 2 days, nithe saw, decided and bought ipod video. what an impulsive shopper. luckily he doesn't do that often. helped him to pack his stuffs as he's probably shifting within the next 2 weeks. had fun flipping through all those old photos, laughing at how dumb/hilarious he used to look.

Sunday, 22 October 2006

MORE Retail Therapy

Great shoe harvest today. Bought 1 pair of platform heels and 1 pair of pumps from substance. Couldn't decide whether to get the red or the white heels.. got the red one in the end but may change it to white.. see how first.. Almost bought a new pair of topshop skinny cut jeans using vouchers but decided to safe them first. and once more vouchers are redeemed, the aldo bag is mine! Went to hard rock cafe for afternoon tea and dessert.
Parked outside Hilton hotel: 9 lamborghinis and 1 lotus. The rest were insignificant.
The present is really time consuming and the stupid spray glue is killing my fingers. I nearly couldn't separate my fingers thanks to the glue and the fabric stucked on my fingers had to be scratched off using soap and water. My fingerprints are gone!

Saturday, 21 October 2006

totally green

Went out dinner with the NY babes (minus ali coz she had to babysit). Some restaurant at shaw called The Ship, similar style as Sharslik. There were moments of awkwardness where people didn't know wad to say since everyone has been busy with their own lives and didn't really update each other. But the fun usually comes when we take stupid, ridiculous photos.
I'm so envious of her as her bf keeps showering her with expensive branded gifts. Maybe coz they are still in their honeymoon phrase, but still, all that money!! Where did he get it from? Juz hope that he isn't using those materials to buy her love. I won't mind being in her position though. materialistic me..

Wednesday, 18 October 2006

fit as a fiddle

How can you tell how fit a person is through appearance? The exercise program has promoted me from the one in-charged of monitoring to exercising together with alicia.
Their reason: We don't know how to group you. Since you have a strong exercising background and you have been doing weights occassionally, we are not sure which group do you fall under now. Plus, sources told us that you have been exercising. By the look of your shoulders, it seems to me that you have been working out. (Seriously, how can someone gauge how fit you are by looking at your shoulders???)
My explanation: I've been doing slight weights but i'm sure that my heart rate did not hit the targetted in zone. I've totally stopped all cardiac exercises.
Conclusion: Join alicia for exercise and finish after phase 1. Free to exercise after that as it will not be taken into account of study anymore.

Saturday, 14 October 2006

Where has it gone?

It is doing something you are good at that gives you the feeling of superiority. I've lost the ONE thing i'm good at. Will i ever pursue it back? Even if i did, will I be that good?
watching One Tree Hill always gets me thinking about small little things which actually matters.

Thursday, 12 October 2006

Tingerling Tastebuds

Definitely one of the best ice creams in town. Each flavour brings out a total new dimension to ice cream. A must try! Located @ 41 Sunset Way #01-04 Clementi Arcade Singapore 597071

Brandied Figs & Honey- absolute decadence! sweet figs steeped in brandy mixed into a fragrant honey ice cream Green Tea & Red Beans- a special combination of sweet whole red beans folded into green tea ice cream Unusually Apple- chunky pieces of soft spiced apple with a hint of cinnamon in vanilla ice cream OH! Sesame- the iltimate proof that black sesame doesn't have to be enjoyed as a hot dessert Durian-Durian- a must for durian lovers and even if you're not.. you might just be converted SupaSourSop- ice cream with a difference, made with fresh soursop fruit Mango Magic- mango ice cream that's outta-this-world! Cempedak!- with chunks of cempedak, this is the best way to enjoy the sweet sticky fruit Sunny Strawberry- trust us when we say this is the way real strawberry ice cream should be Orange Marmalade- tangy orange ice cream with swirled in marmalade Rum & Raisin- the flavour is in the raisins too cos we don't stinge on the rum Ginger Crumble- give your tastebuds a treat! sweet ginger ice cream with a sprinkling of crystallized giner Kahlua Krunch- coffee ice cream with a more than generous daash of kahlua Chunky Peanut Butter- this won't stick to the roof of your mouth! Simply Chocolate- rich & smooth- definitely the perfect indulgence Hazelnut haven- a must-have for Nutella fans Lychee Martini- lychee juice + vodka. churned, not stirred Lemon Sherbet- time to pucker up. refreshingly light but potently sour! Mocha Mania- the appeal is in the coffee, or is it in the chocolate? Simple Vanilla- for those who like to keep things simple Honey Vanilla- and when things need a little kick Surprising Coconut- mad from fresh sweet coconut water, this is surprisingly yummy Bailey's Choc Chip- a light coffee ice cream with a strong dose of Bailey's Irish Cream

Tuesday, 10 October 2006

King of the Roads

My provisional license plate is officially down! No more a noob driver. I can bang other people without getting my license suspended. hahaha.. not that i wanna get into an accident. In the past year, had a total of 4 illegal parking tickets, 1 of which costed me $120 and 3 demerit points, but eventually deducted from my dad's account i think. Driving has made me lazy, refusing to leave the house on weekends without the car, hating to take public transport. When will i ever be able to own my own car?

Understanding of the human mind

do you think that people are talking behind your back?
do you feel anxious in crowded places?
do you believe in telepathy?
do you have any supernatural experiences (eg UFO)?
do people find you weird?
do you think someone can know how you feel without being near you?
do you find it hard to trust people?
do you get anxious when someone is walking behind you?
These are some of the questions from the cognitive test i've taken at least 4 times (there's more to come). Each time, they make you fill up the same questionaire, run the same stimulation and perform the same procedures. Not only is it boring (kinda fell asleep today during the test)but also a waste of time esp on days i have to go back to school juz for that test. Serious wonder what's the purpose of all these tests..

Sunday, 8 October 2006

Stay away from me!

There's this pet lizard in my kitchen which stays behind the rice cooker. It never fails to give me my daily scare by suddenly crawling out from behind. I always try to make noises by clapping my hands or hitting the rice cooker before scooping my rice, hoping to chase it away before it scares me. But somehow, i still always end up throwing the rice scooper in the air or getting into this lizard spasm. Seriously, i need a lizard hunter to protect me, someone who is able to catch lizards from my room's wall, someone who is able to take my lizard nonsense.
Anyway, finally bought my first dress after more than 10 years. I didn't even wear one at prom.

Saturday, 7 October 2006


Even seen a guy wearing bra? How about a group of guys wearing bras running down orchard road? haha.. the sight of it was totally hilarious!! Similar to this photo juz that they had their bras over their shirts.

Anyway, went back to HC for maf even though dt and wl decided not to go in the end. Most of the senior guys went back and lotz of junior class people. But sadly, only 3 from my class turned up. Still, it was fun observing how i used to enjoy mass dance, jumped around and screamed my lungs out. It's always nice to see familar uni faces back in HC..

Friday, 6 October 2006

drained but satisfied

i've decided that friday shall be my exercise day since those idiots are having meeting at that time slot and can't be present to supervise.

was thrilled when Pull & Bear called regarding the top which was out of stock. apparently, they brought in a few pieces juz for those who reserved if new stock comes in. dragged ali to town for shopping. roamed from taka to far east to bugis. walked till my legs were numbed but at least not in vain. added 2 tops to my collection and had my eyes set on a 'le coq sportif' bag. saw one superman junk food lookalike but half the price. since jess has it, decided against getting the similar one. ali went on searching for dresses but i can't seem to find anything suitable dresses for myself (juz can't picture myself in a dress yet). shopping isn't fun when u can't find what u set out looking for, but exciting when new items swim into ur mind.
it's interesting to observe how guys look at pretty gals. we were walking behind these 2 pretty, tall caucasian gals and you can juz see how some guys tried to check them out from the edge of their eye, while some simply turned their heads.

Thursday, 5 October 2006

Do you dislike someone for the person they are or out of jealousy?

Wednesday, 4 October 2006

Explain the Mechanics behind Fluids

CN2122 is over! can't believe how 6 MCQs can drive us over the edge. each MCQ has weightage ranging from 10 to 30 marks.. if i'm lucky, i may actually pass, if not, at least 30 marks. hahaha..

Monday, 2 October 2006

similar likings

jess and i have similar taste towards clothes, esp junk food tees. she bought the nice yellow, cow with grass and clouds, MTV tee, the one i was eyeing on but decided against eventually. the good thing is that now that she has it, i won't think of buying the same shirt. can't imagine 2 people wearing the same shirt on the same day. kinda weird.
web boggle is kinda addictive, even though i'm damn lousy. haha

Saturday, 30 September 2006

bioengine bbq

chiew and yiren decided to be nice and organise a bioengine bbq during this recess break since there hasn't been much activities going on besides school. anyway, the turn out was kinda sad. out of the 70 plus people, only 12 confirmed their attendance. however as it was held at ecp on a thursday night, also with 3 papers the next week, people got lazy and tried to find excuses not to turn up. in the end, there were only 9 people. think chiew is especially pissed with some people like jess coz she kinda confirmed she was coming but when they called her at 8, her reason for not turning up was that no one went with her.

were you surprised?

jeremy came up with this bday surprise for dt where we juz needed to bring her to the restaurant and there will be a series of surprises lined up. however, once we stepped into the place, the stupid boss came and said, "oh jeremy made reservations for his gf, and he will be joining u people later." wow! so much for the surprise. so we juz chatted while the dishes were served one by one even without us ordering. for the surprise, he dressed as a waiter, came out from the kitchen and served us our desert. dt didn't even realise it was him until the second time when he didn't leave after presenting the food. how blur is that! after all the eating, the stupid boss came over to our table and actually asked dt where she was surprised. how dumb is that man. felt sad for jeremy for all his effort put into this SURPRISE. anyway, it was fun hanging with with them.

Friday, 22 September 2006

price of being greedy

tried 3 different types of new ice cream from this new place at sunset way "The Daily Scoop". they serve AMAZING ice creams. totally comparable to those at Island Creamery. but thanks to my greedyness, i'm down with a stupid skin allegy.
anyway, finally done with my 1000 word biochemistry essay. mid sem break coming up yet there's like tons of stuffs to be done within that short period of time.

Wednesday, 13 September 2006

faintly relieved

Juz found out that there isn't anymore physio lectures or tutorials until after mid-sem break and good-bye to 7 hrs of lab! Finally can make use of extra time to catch up with some work and hopefully get started on my 1000-word biochemistry assignment which is due next week.
*my new birkies are finally here*

Sunday, 10 September 2006

the 'out of the body' feeling

Imagine not moving at all for a full 1.5 hr, in an enclosed tunnel, having to remember flash shots of landscapes and playing psycological card games.
Imagine the soreness of ur tailbone from lying at a position for too long.
Imagine hammering and banging sounds in ur ears while wearing ear plugs and head phones.
Imagine the few things you could do to wish time pass faster were to take deep breaths, listening to ur heart beat during those few moments of silence, and wiggle ur cold toes.
Add all of those together and that was wad i experienced in a fMRI machine today.