Saturday, 31 October 2009

love lives forever

Thursday, 29 October 2009

cloth of confidence

Photo taken by Nicole of My Cherry Magazine at the recent Topshop Fashion Show at ION. Look at the lady sipping her cocktail at the table behind. She's totally staring at the camera....


Does dressing well give you that extra tinch of confidence? I seriously don't think people at my office give a damn about what I wear to work but I still dress up anyways. For me, dressing up makes me feel good, which I guess equals confidence. Then does dressing well equate to drowning yourself in brands? Sometimes, my judgment tend to be clouded by the value of the outfit rather than its true aesthetic. I think it's perfectly fine to own a few luxury items (bags, watches) but how many is too much? Maybe I'm juz envious of those who have the ability to spurge on luxury (high end brands and not our regular high street ones) clothes, bags and shoes. To me, it's definitely more interesting when I spot someone on the street wearing an awesome outfit which I haven't seen before rather than something easily recognizable. It makes me that much more hardworking in assembling that look.

I admire those who can look pass the brand, size, price and simply wear clothes that looks good on them. It's easy for me to walk into Zara/Topshop and have a list of WANTS because I associate these brands as having a certain status, reputation and fashion forwardness but am I able to shop confidently if I'm to walk into a random shop with all the tags removed? Will I still be so sure about forking out 100 bucks for a piece of garment? I shy away from blogshops/FEP because I'm afraid that I might bump into someone on the street wearing the exact same thing as me. It's also the same reason why I won't buy anything my friends have for fear of being too matchy (Of coz, Nithe told me a million of times that I should not impose my personal standards on others and I'm trying). At the end of the day, it's all about confidence. If a pair of louboutins or a pretty purse is required to buy confidence, go for it.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

UOB Chef's Creation: My Humble House

My mum wanted her last bit of the UOB Chef's Creation promotion before it ends. My Humble House wasn't top on my list but most of the other Italian/French restaurants were either close on Sundays or the promotion isn't valid for Sunday.

4 courses 1-for-1 set lunch for $68++. My Humble House is known for their fusion Chineses-Thai cuisine and the dishes served isn't something new to my palatte. The food was pretty good but like Nithe said, eating chicken rice at a posh restaurant feels a little weird as we can get something similar at hawker centers for 3 bucks. I've visited My Humble House a number of times and I can say that this is not their best. Maybe it's becoz of the promotion or maybe the lunch standard is juz different. I'm not disappointed, I'm juz not boomz...
top: AX, blazer: AX, necklace: Island Shop, pants: Topshop, belt: H&M, heels: Pedder Red, bag: Balenciaga

Saturday, 24 October 2009

best bbq since I can remember

Johnny and Klam, my church friends from Korea, invited us to their condo for Korean BBQ. I'm not a fan of Korean food but it was seriously the best BBQ I've eaten in a long long while.
It was really simple. All they prepared were frozen pork belly strips, no marination required. Look at those thick layers of fat. I seriously think that there's more fat than meat but it was so good. The fats juz seem to melt in your mouth.... Who needs satay and chicken wings for BBQ? Of coz, the fire was fuelled by the fats dripping from the pork belly.
BBQ meat, wrapped in lettuce, mushroom and homemade Korean paste. The paste was insanely tasty and went so well with the meat. We were literally licking up every bit of the paste to go with the pork belly.
Of coz, we had Korean wine, Soju. It's really similar to Japanese sake.
It's really lovely when everyone can juz get together and fellowship over food. These Korean dudes are really funny. They were saying that if SG guys were to go clubbing in Korea, they won't want to come back anymore. Also, >90% of Korean girls go for cosmetic surgery. Apparently, parents give it to their kids as some sort of graduation gift. But what kept me laughing like crazy was when Klam said "if you're not ok, let me know and I will say sorry". Their command of English isn't very good so they tend to be very straightforward. The way they express themselves is juz very dramatic and entertaining.
Our mess

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Impeccable Style @ Mango

Impeccable Style @ Mango was organized by Style Magazine at ION Mango Boutique. It wasn't a fashion show but more like a style workshop, using Mango pieces to suit the different body types. The take home message was to be comfortable in your personal style and to own it =)
During the styling presentation, the most awesome thing happened. The fashion editor of Style was trying to explain how to play with lengths and proportions to trick the eye into seeing the goods and hiding the boos and I was picked out from the crowd as a positive illustration of her point. Apparently, the polka dots and the blazer was a good match, the length proportions were right, the shoulder pads from my blazer as well as the rolled up sleeves made the outfit chic yet casual. Overall, thumbs up =) So instead of selling Mango clothes, she ended up selling mine. It was like my 2 mins of fame. hahaha....
blazer: mum's, playsuit: Topshop, heels: Anne Klein, bag: Balenciaga
Also, this is my first time wearing a white blazer. I stole it from my mum's wardrobe and if vintage is defined by it being >10 years old, this is super vintage =) I can't seem to remember my mum being a UK10. I have been shunting this for a long while as I was afraid that it might resemble a lab coat. It's still subjected to more outfit experiments but it's promising. Why bother spending money when I can dig something out for free?

Style Magazine Fashion Editor Sharon Tulasidas & me
Of coz I'm petite =) Mango goodie bag. 15% off storewide plus a cute little organizer.
I was good and DIDN'T spend a dime.
On a whole, a completely different experience from the Topshop Fashion Show but it was fun nevertheless. Seeing these stylists at work make me so tempted to leave my boring and unfulfilling job but deep down, I know that fashion is juz a subset of my life and not my whole life. It's better to juz keep it as a hobby for now.

Topshop Christmas 2009

If only Santa can stuff a few of these items into my stocking..... Especially digging the chained vest =)
photo credits:

Monday, 19 October 2009

UOB Chef's Creation: Gordon's Grill

In light of the UOB Chef's Creation 1-for-1 lunch/dinner promotion, my mum decided to treat us to Gordon's Grill @ Goodwood Park Hotel. Being a weekday night, it wasn't crowded and the service was thoughtful.

$128++ for 2 is pretty reasonable for a 5-course set dinner =)
Nithe: 30 pounds for dinner is totally reasonable......
3 weeks in UK made him lose the concept of value in SG.


What can I say, the dots have finally invaded my wardrobe. There's this whole 80's retro and whimsical vibe about it that I adore....
credits from

My little attempt to inject some dots... Nithe bought this playsuit from Topshop London and I'm super duper loving it. Not only is it cheaper over there, I haven't seen it at Topshop SG. Hopefully SG doesn't bring in this piece. Oh it comes with hidden shoulder pads too. 2 trends in 1 =) hahahaha......
playsuit: Topshop from London, dress: Miss Selfridge, belt: DKNY, heels: Pedder Red

Sunday, 18 October 2009

my boy is back......

What's better than a fully paid 3 weeks holiday to London and Paris? Gifts from gf and parents. Can it get any better?

only time will tell

Finally found the perfect graduation gift for my doctor-to-be boyfriend. I wanted to get something that's memorable yet practical and lasting. It didn't help that most of the items I laid my eyes on were WAY beyond the depths of my pockets. The chance finally came when my mum received some watch preview sale invitation. Bombed 1 whole month's pay on this timeless beauty even after 40% off retail but it was worth every penny (at least to me).

Presenting Tag Heuer Carrera Automatic Chronograph Tachymetre. TAG Heuer Caliber 16 automatic chronograph movement. Silver dial with 3 counters (hours at 6 o’clock, small seconds at 9 o’clock, minutes at 12 o’clock). Date at 3 o’clock. Circled counters at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock. Luminescent diamond-set hands to facilitate legibility. Hand-applied indexes. Monochrome TAG Heuer logo. CARRERA inscription. Case back with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. Fixed bezel with tachymetre. Water-resistant to 100 meters. Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

Friday, 16 October 2009

drawstring pouches

Ever since I saw this Miu Miu studded drawstring purse Alexa Chung was carrying from, I was pretty much bent on getting a little drawstring pouch too =) Something to be used at night that's small but juz enough for wallet, mobile and camera.
photos from Miu Miu studded bag from, studded side sling bag from,
Prada drawstring wristlet from, Christopher Kane for Topshop from

And this is what I found at Miss Selfridge's sale for only 20 bucks! It's really cute and fits juz the right amount of things for a night out. I love my balenciagas but I still want varieties =)
dress and pouch: Miss Selfridge

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I'm bringing sexy back

It's always exciting to find out what's going on behind a simple LBD....

Monday, 12 October 2009

Shoulders Part III: Puffed Shoulders

Still mad about shoulders, puffed shoulders that is. Doesn't it make the arm appear slimmer too? And I juz realized that these 2 outfits look really similar. Black, puffed shoulders, waisted embellished belt.... Love them both regardless =)
left: dress: ASOS, belt: H&M, heels: Steve Madden
right: playsuit: Topshop, belt: Zara. heels: Pedder Red

Sunday, 11 October 2009

my love affair with lace continues

I seriously love lace in all forms =) This printed lace bodysuit works perfectly whether it's with pants or skirts. There's juz some level of sophistication associated with it. Of coz, I have my new Balenciaga to complete my outfit.
top: Mink Pink bodysuit, skirt: H&M, bag: Balenciaga, heels: AldoAlign Centre

Friday, 9 October 2009

words can't explain how much I HATE my job


write me

Finally got my hands on this quirky thing after ages.........

Thursday, 8 October 2009

beauty fanatic

This is like 500 buckaroos worth of cosmetics for 5 vain pots.... Missing is 2 Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner and a Bobbi Brown Oil Cleanser. A lady has to do whatever it takes to stay presentable.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

A little something from London


Monday, 5 October 2009

Shoulders Part II: Cut Out

Few weeks ago, I did a DIY sequin shoulder pad tee to emphasize the shoulders. It's still about the shoulders but now, it's cut outs. Nothing accentuates the shoulders better than cut outs =) It has a peek-a-boo effect and gives the illusion of a slimmer arm, something all of us are dying for......
dress: Topshop, heels: Steve Madden
top: schwing schwing, denim: 7 for all mankind, heels: Pedder Red, chain: DIY

Sunday, 4 October 2009

My Fav Fall Outfit

I had this image of my perfect fall outfit in my mind for ages but juz can't seem to find the right pieces to match each other.

Obsession No. 1: Chanel inspired black/white striped tee.

Obsession No. 2: High-waisted silk tapered pants - inspired by Chloe F/W 09

Finally, the stars are aligned......... I feel like I can wear this to work everyday =) It's so easy, so comfortable and makes me look way taller than I actually am.
top: Zara, pants: Topshop, belt: H&M, heels: Pedder Red

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Topshop F/W09 Fashion Show

It all started when Style Magazine sent me a sms saying that I won tickets to the Topshop/Topman A/W09 Show. Not only is this my first time winning any form of lucky draw, it's also my first fashion show =) It was super last minute and I didn't really have anything new to wear but I was still super excited!
Excited us were snapping away outside the tent before the show started.
top: Mango, denim: 7 for all mankind, bag: Balenciaga, heels: Pedder Red

It's his shirt that I'm taking photo with =) The famous Christopher Kane CROCODILE tee.
Sipping free cocktail, spotting celebrities and bloggers and stalking beautiful people. We were spotted and photographed by the media and fashion bloggers! How cool is that... I'm gonna make sure I dig out those photos.
And the show begins.... There were alot of people but thankfully we came early so managed to secure a standing spot right behind the seats. I want to sit on those reserved seats....... Maybe I should quit my BORING engineering job and switch lines. Any strings to pull?
Topman Collection was featured first and they were wearing alot of knits. Totally unwearable in SG and I bet they were perspiring like mad... The male models had scarily skinny legs. Totally putting us females to shame. Then to the Topshop Collection. Instantly, fall/winter collection became clubbing/party collection. No knits, but tons of studs, sequins and crazy platform shoes. As the models made it down the runway, Jess and I were both were like " oh I saw that... I almost bought that... I WANT that..." I was sooooo happy that the 2 pieces I bought were featured in the show =) Awesome taste. hahahahha
Of coz, what is a fashion show without MODELS!
Our goodie bag waiting for us at the store after the show. Consisted of Style magazine, Topshop vouchers, quirky heart-shaped glasses and a Sony Ericsson beach pack.
This is the second 'IT' dress of Christopher Kane for Topshop Collection. The first being the Crocodile tee/dress the random guy was wearing above. I can't believe my luck when I managed to find this dress in the fitting room bin in UK6. I'm pretty sure that there's like 1 piece per size for this item. Totally had to try it on for the sake of trying. It's one of those 'wear once and retire' dress. Dennis Keller wore this dress at the show and she looked freaking HOT!
Us photowhoring with our new glasses. Loved them
My buys =) Yes I know all black again. I can't help it. Fall is all about black and black goes with EVERYTHING. 2 major fall trends. Shoulders and high waisted tapered pants. Freaking love them and can't wait to wear them out.
2 Happy girls with bags of happiness. Totally made my week.