Saturday, 31 May 2008

joyful and gay

One day over lunch at work, my colleagues were commenting on how gay the new Takuya Kimura's Gatsby advertisement was. I finally caught it on TV days later. As much as I liked him in sec school, this is really too much to handle.

Friday, 30 May 2008

the hills

Things have been boringly tough at working. There's NOTHING for me to do. Sometimes, my only task of the day is half an hour long and I spend the rest of the day TRYING to look busy. It's tough. And I was so sick of that till the point that I took 2 days of MC juz to not go to work. I rather be super busy than to have nothing to do. I've 4 more days of MC to clear within the next month =)

Anyway, spent that 2 days 'RESTING' in bed watching 3 seasons of The Hills, reality drama at its max. Super 'high schoolish'. But what can I say, People seek soap operas and I seek soap and hotties.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

bagging it in

My mum juz came back from her company's Annual Financial Controllers Conference in US and she bought back many goodies. Shopping in US is so much more exciting than SG. They have a wider variety, better sales and better prices. On average, US brands are 20-30% cheaper there than in SG before factoring any sorts of discounts. Our GSS of past season models might still cost more than their off-shelf current season stuffs.

Friday, 23 May 2008

1 last goodbye

For Lynn's farewell, we've decided to order our favorite Sakae Sushi takeout. I've eaten Sakae takeout thrice during my Baxter stay so far. Anyway, it's way better than our canteen food.

Till the very last minute before leaving, our tables are still SO MESSY. Totally like a war zone. The past week has been like hell for the new engineer. All the overwhelming trainings, protocols and pending protocols. I really pity her but there's little I can do to help. The easiest thing is to simply dump everything and act blur. She'll probably not be able to find most of the stuffs even if it's there.

Look at the GIANT. I'm in 3" heels and I still can't reach the top of his head.

Quality Engineer-ests and an Engineer

And off to New Zealand she goes. I won't be surprise if she returns to Baxter in the future. There are quite a few who 'U' turn.

Monday, 19 May 2008


Some girl in my Property Management project group actually referred to Plaza Singapura as Dhoby Gaut Shopping Centre =| For a minute I thought there was a new shopping centre that I wasn't aware of and I actually GOOGLED it. WTH. Is is me or her who is living in a cave?

We sat at the SMOKING section of TCC and discussed for half an hour. The guy who actually suggested meeting and against discussing online said " oh, maybe it's still too early to start discussing about project since it has only been 2 lectures and we are not sure of the scope". HELLO!! Then y suggest to meet in TOWN on a public holiday. And when I was afraid that I'll be the least prepared for the project meeting, I ended up doing most of the talking. 5-man project group is a bad idea =(

Saturday, 17 May 2008


I realized how unaware I was about the happenings of my friends' lives. It's like everyone is living in their own world and 5 people juz decided to have lunch at the same place, same time, together. I blame myself for not putting in the effort. Like my sis often says, I only have 1 friend. I don't even bother saving my friends' no. in the current spare phone I'm using, thinking that I'll change phone soon so why bother. So I have no idea who I'm replying too. I've evolved into a social-less hermit. But through lunch, at least I was able to update catch up with some of them. We have to meet up more often to make this work.

All 4 have graduated and have moved on into the next phrase while I'm still stuck in school.

Friday, 16 May 2008

pre gss

To all denim lovers

Eclecticism is selling J Brand, Blue Cult and 575 denim at $99 after discount! Bread and Butter is selling 575 denim at about $300++. I was thrilled. Finally acquired a pair of 575. Contemplating whether I should get J Brand too. Argh. This is bad. I have like 10 pairs of cult denim already. I don't even have 10 asses.

Bought another Free People dress at 60% off, FCUK dress and skirt at 70% off and GUESS waist denim shorts at 40% off. How am I gonna survive GSS?

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

veggie and me

We went to Quality Hotel's vegetarian restaurant for my supervisor's farewell dinner (she's vegetarian). Steamboat. The minute we stepped into the restaurant, 1 of my colleague was telling me how sinful she felt about eating meat because monks were eating there. It pretty much taste the same as other steamboats (the no. of times I've eaten steamboat can be counted with 1 hand). Their mock chicken tasted like nuggets to me =)

The team of Quality Engineers at Baxter. Mister tall man is trying to look as normal as possible. Who will ever know that he towers 2.06m from this photo. hahahha

Monday, 12 May 2008

5 and more to come

Nithe's definition of never eat before Chinese food = My Humble House. My heart literally skipped a beat. This is even more scarily accurate than Mellben. No more guessing the next time. I'll juz need to think of a place and Nithe will be able to decipher. And his skill took exactly 5 years to develop.

Even though I've been there many years back when they juz opened, I've yet to try their new menu since voted top 100 restaurants in the world by St. Pellegrino in 2007. At least now I can proudly say that we've tried good food. heehee.. (PS. The bear is not a gift. It's juz an accessory on the sofa.)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE their concept of high chairs (seat height is the same but the back rest goes to about 2m high). It juz feels different from normal ones. And we managed to get corner sofa seats, away from all those business entertainment.

The place isn't very camera friendly due to the romantic/dim lights. Photos doesn't justify the delicious food. Oh well..



That Warm Feeling-

Chilled Fresh Alaskan Crab Meat, Avocado Salsa



The Taste of Luxury -

Braised Superior Fresh Shark’s Fin in Dried Abalone Jus, Savoury Consommé


Dawn at Fisherman’s Wharf -

Steamed Half Tail Lobster with Fragrant Garlic

落花风起, 芒果苏贝

Cool Pleasures -

Refreshing Mango Sorbet


Sensuous Comfort -

Pan-seared Australian Wagyu Beef in Chef’s Blended Sauce,

Sautéed Fresh Asparagus


Tender, Delightful, Divine -

Braised Preserved Vegetables with Chicken Broth

topped with Dried Scallops and Garlic


Night is in the Air -

Pan-fried Chicken Roulade

served with Homemade Noodles with Superior Stock


Bliss after Bliss -

Double-boiled Hashima with Snow Fungus and Snow Pear

So many delicious food combined into 1 dinner. What more can I ask for =)

Sunday, 11 May 2008

it started with this

4 years ago, I hand stitched this cross stitch as our 1st anniversary present.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

consumer item or asset?

A church friend has been posted to Switzerland for work for a minimum of 1 year and he passed his car to Nithe =) So what it's a weekend car. Better than nothing and not that we drive alot in the day. But now that we have to pay for petrol and top up the cash card, the car must be used wisely. Consideration for petrol consumption, expensive per hour car park etc.