Tuesday, 27 November 2007

i heart billy bombers

I've been there like 3 times in a week. Every visit, they will surely give us more vouchers to go back again like $15 off with min spending of $30 etc. And nithe is totally addicted to their chocolate malt shake.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

goodbye leach

I'm so thankful that I'm finally DONE with CAD drawings. For at least the past 6 days, I've spent a MINIMUM of 6 hrs in front of the computer. My ass is so darn sore now. And whoever thought that CAD is the easiest among all reports, you probably have no idea what CAD is at all. A total time-leach. And Zeming has become the most popular guy among the CAD drawers. Really thanks to him otherwise I won't be able to complete my report.
Anyway, nithe is a daddy. He delivered his first child! And no I'm not pregnant.

Friday, 16 November 2007

still struggling

I'm so relieve to survive the past week. Done with 2 presentations, and 3 lab reports. All I have now is 1 design CAD report + 4 exams. It will all be over in 3 weeks. Luckily this time round my papers are quire evenly spreaded out.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

more milkshake for me

I had my double shot fix of Billy Bombers milkshake and cheese fries. Happy :)

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

BN3101 accomplished

I guess this officially marks the end of BN3101 - Rotator Cuff Repair System. All that's left is the final report which I have to consult my fellow CAD drawer for help. Anyway, really glad that this module is OVER! It took up much more time and effort then it should for a 4MC module. I have to admit that this module provided me with much more entertainment value than knowledge. I never had such intensive project meetings ever. And of course, I've learned alot more about my group mates. They are really a bunch of nice people. I'm happy that my group doesn't have those un-necessary internal conflicts that were present in few other groups.

If only these 4 guys bullied the only girl in the group. Then I might have a chance to cry in front of Casey Chan and maybe win the against all odds award. hahahaha..

See, there are hot girlS in engine - bioengine I meant.

I look tall in this shot. Yay!

We look good in formal don't we?

Monday, 12 November 2007


Social acceptance is the fact that most people, in order to fit in with the others, look and act like them. It stops (mostly) everyone from truly being themselves.

Quoted from an article:
COLUMBUS, Ohio - What others think about you may affect your own health and well being. A new study found that college students held in high esteem by their roommates were happier and had less physical problems than those who were not liked as much.
The less-favored students had more mental and physical problems, such as low-self esteem, depression and illness.
"According to this study, social acceptance affects mental and physical health more than health predicts social acceptance."
And while researchers in the past have acknowledged that a link exists between social acceptance and personal health, the jury was out on how the two affected each other. According to this study, social acceptance affects mental and physical health more than health predicts social acceptance.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

flattering denim

I seem to have some uncanny luck when it comes to sale shopping. Joined Jess for the Inhibit sale at Hilton Hotel and grabbed 2 pairs of jeans. Juz happy that I managed to get what I wanted at the expense of parting with more money. Some times I wonder why would jeans be so expensive. I've never even heard of some brands before. Well, Sass & bide and Cheap Monday, together with my old Miss Sixty should keep me occupied for awhile. And I can't gain weight otherwise they're not gonna fit nicely since they're skinnies. So much for no more shopping right. hahahahaha

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

marinate me with oil

Juz came back from a full body javanese massage. Totally relaxed now.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

sexy booties

I've been dying to get a pair of booties since last year when I bought my knee high boots in China. It's so freaking cheap over their but oh well, my dearie mum went on complaining about how many pairs of shoes I own and that 1 pair of boots will be sufficient. It's like the latest fall trend and many celebs are wearing similar booties. Featured in Female, Urban, Seventeen etc. and it goes with jeans, shorts, dresses, almost everything and it's mine! muahhahahahha
Booties from PedderRed

I Love Mischa Barton's style. Always on top of fashion. And she's my age. How nice.

Monday, 5 November 2007

sarah's farewell

This is almost 1 month overdue but this lucky girl will be in Maldives for 3 months on internship at FourSeasons Maldives! How cool is that. Sparkling beaches, beach hunks, bikini babes.. As much as I want to pack myself into her luggage, I'll have to cut myself into 2. Maldives is one of those must visit places, great to chill and DIVE! Sarah, I'm still waiting for you to upload photos of beach hunks and bikini babes. hahahahah. We will miss you!

Sunday, 4 November 2007

time for a change

Saturday, 3 November 2007

humpty dumpty

When was the last time you hit your head on the edge of your bed? I feel like a primary school kid once again. It hurts and now there's a bump on my head. ouch.

Friday, 2 November 2007

yet another great sale

You know how is it when people go for sales, they tend to go for the display carts, with heaps of folded/messed up clothes, to search for the cheapest item. I did the exact opposite. Straight for the kill, I went for the jackets, this full length fur coat for myself, and a full leather motorcycle jacket for nithe. I was totally over the moon. There was only 1 piece each on display and both happened to be our sizes. I GRABBED them. The best part is tons of people wanted to buy them but according to the sales people, they only have 1 of each on sale. How lucky am I? And each was selling for $80, whereas retail price should range above $600 each. We are gonna be warm and comfy in Hokkaido yet look stylish and cool! No more ugly trash bag jackets for me.

I LOVE Armani Exchange. Bought a few more tshirts and shirts for nithe. Now his wardrobe is filled with mainly Raoul, Armani Exchange and Guess. HAPPY!!!

I'm a total shopping junkie. I seriously gotta get a hold of myself otherwise I'll be spending ALL my money on things that are cheap and not things that I need.