Saturday, 30 September 2006

bioengine bbq

chiew and yiren decided to be nice and organise a bioengine bbq during this recess break since there hasn't been much activities going on besides school. anyway, the turn out was kinda sad. out of the 70 plus people, only 12 confirmed their attendance. however as it was held at ecp on a thursday night, also with 3 papers the next week, people got lazy and tried to find excuses not to turn up. in the end, there were only 9 people. think chiew is especially pissed with some people like jess coz she kinda confirmed she was coming but when they called her at 8, her reason for not turning up was that no one went with her.

were you surprised?

jeremy came up with this bday surprise for dt where we juz needed to bring her to the restaurant and there will be a series of surprises lined up. however, once we stepped into the place, the stupid boss came and said, "oh jeremy made reservations for his gf, and he will be joining u people later." wow! so much for the surprise. so we juz chatted while the dishes were served one by one even without us ordering. for the surprise, he dressed as a waiter, came out from the kitchen and served us our desert. dt didn't even realise it was him until the second time when he didn't leave after presenting the food. how blur is that! after all the eating, the stupid boss came over to our table and actually asked dt where she was surprised. how dumb is that man. felt sad for jeremy for all his effort put into this SURPRISE. anyway, it was fun hanging with with them.

Friday, 22 September 2006

price of being greedy

tried 3 different types of new ice cream from this new place at sunset way "The Daily Scoop". they serve AMAZING ice creams. totally comparable to those at Island Creamery. but thanks to my greedyness, i'm down with a stupid skin allegy.
anyway, finally done with my 1000 word biochemistry essay. mid sem break coming up yet there's like tons of stuffs to be done within that short period of time.

Wednesday, 13 September 2006

faintly relieved

Juz found out that there isn't anymore physio lectures or tutorials until after mid-sem break and good-bye to 7 hrs of lab! Finally can make use of extra time to catch up with some work and hopefully get started on my 1000-word biochemistry assignment which is due next week.
*my new birkies are finally here*

Sunday, 10 September 2006

the 'out of the body' feeling

Imagine not moving at all for a full 1.5 hr, in an enclosed tunnel, having to remember flash shots of landscapes and playing psycological card games.
Imagine the soreness of ur tailbone from lying at a position for too long.
Imagine hammering and banging sounds in ur ears while wearing ear plugs and head phones.
Imagine the few things you could do to wish time pass faster were to take deep breaths, listening to ur heart beat during those few moments of silence, and wiggle ur cold toes.
Add all of those together and that was wad i experienced in a fMRI machine today.