Wednesday, 31 March 2010

body chains

I was doing my usual blog surfing and saw nitrolicious's feature on a(r)mor. It's so amazing! I love chains and seeing how it's used, WOW! I'm especially loving those shoulder pieces. Maybe I can try something over this long weekend. Did I mention that I'm having half day on Thursday? Actually, I would prefer to do away with these half days and replace them with AL... Oh well, tea anyone? My boy is on call again. What's new......

Monday, 29 March 2010

everyone is going/has been to London EXCEPT me............

My freaking sister is going to London for a one month farm stay before our family's Europe trip in June. Why didn't I hear of such things during my college days!!! How I wish I can turn back time to the days when I need not count and recount my leave (hoping that I miscalculated and some extra days will pop out) and have 3 months long vacation.....

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Fat Boy's Burger

To tie in with my own restaurant week, we went burger hunting. I've heard so much at Fat Boy's so it's time to finally try it.
Beer battered onion rings with delicious bbq sauce. The portion is much bigger than expected.
2 100g beef patty, cheese, fried egg and bacon. Even Nithe's ginormous jaw could barely make it through the layers.
My mini version of the fat basterd, Wimpy, with juz 1 150g beef patty. Together with the onion rings and chocolate milkshake, I was stuffed with my fries untouched....
It's a good deal for its price but our top spots for burgers still belongs to Four Seasons and Pierside. Then and again, those are wagyu burgers with foie gras and belong to a class of their own.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

chef chan

Mandy's and Agnes's parents came to visit from Hong Kong and they invited us over to their place for some home cooked food. They have this poolside patio with an open kitchen which makes it a really nice chill out place. Look at the jacuzzi at the back...
The kitchen comes with an oven, a huge fridge, a wine chiller, an ice store, a stove and even an awesome coffee maker. One of the perks of living in a luxury apartment.
Daddy Chan cooked dinner for us! He should totally open a restaurant =) His food was so awesome especially his grilled salmon head. Together with sake and red wine, perfection...
And we ended with supper at Yong He because they wanted to try some locals as well as see Geylang. Love soy bean curd, fried fritters, shao bing =) Frog porridge next............

Friday, 26 March 2010

Julien Bompard

Julien Bompard is located in the midst of Shenton Way, at Ascott Singapore Raffles Place. I had high hopes prior to visiting but sadly, they didn't really live up to it. Besides the standard dinner set menu that was offered to us for this Restaurant Week promotion, we ordered other starters like Foie Gras and Escargots. One couldn't go wrong with foie gras and it was good but the escargots were juz alright. Their bread basket was good though.


* Slow cooked Egg with Black Truffle, Medley of forest mushrooms (favorite dish of all). The thick mushroom cream sauce was awesome!

Main (Choice of one selection)

* Braised Lamb Rump with Ratatouille, Garlic and Rosemary sauce

* Snapper with Provencal Escabeche, Basil Oil and balsamic vinegar. I had the fish and the garnish used was something new to my taste buds. Not sure whether I liked it or not.....

* Chilled Apple Tart with Olive Ice Cream, Caramelized almond coulis. Olive ice cream was a first but the sweetness of the apples and caramelized almond coulis masked the taste of the ice cream so I still have little idea of how olive ice cream tastes like.

Overall, the food was alright but it's unlikely I'll return. Maybe this is juz not my cup of tea....

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Restaurant Week for me starts with dinner with my folks at Garibaldi along Purvis Street. It's one of those little restored shop houses with the interior completely revamped. As it's a promotion, it was good that the place was not overbooked or that they tried to squeeze in as many tables as possible or that had bad service.
Still deciding between The Song of India and Julian Bompard or maybe I should go for both......

Sunday, 21 March 2010


OMG OMG OMG. My parents booked a 11-day tour package to this awesome Europe destination for our family holiday in June!!! And all I need to pay is for my own shopping =) There's no way I'm willing to fork out another 3.5k for travel this year after Japan..... It isn't a shopping trip but I still hope it doesn't disappoint. No more shopping in SG until then. Now I'll juz need to figure out how to squeeze my leave.... I'm so excited!!!!!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

double the joy

We had dinner at Forlino @ One Fullerton to celebrate Mandy's and Agnes's 24th. The layout of the restaurant was a little maze-like and didn't seem to have a proper entrance but when the restaurant host led us to our private room, it was WOW! There was this HUGE round table (seated for 11 of us), and it has unobstructed view of the Marina Bay, Singapore Flyer and Esplanade. Can you imagine how awesome the view will be when Marina Sands is completed or when there's fireworks?

“Gourmet” Menu

Amuse Bouche (chef's complimentary)

Pan Seared Goose Liver with Amaretto and Pumpkin Cream
Homemade Spaghetti with Black Cod, Baby Artichokes and MintWagyu Beef Cheek Braised with Marsala Wine and Herb Mashed Potatoes

Molten Lava Chocolate Cake with Banana Gelato and Rum Sauce

Coffee & Petit Fours

After which, we headed over to The Water Boathouse's rooftop for some drinks to get away from the crazy Butter crowd. It's a pretty nice chill out place if not because of some semi-drunk Caucasians who climbed up the top of the roof with his friends to dance. The crowd is mostly non-locals though.
Look at the awesome view! Seriously, SG's skyline is pretty awesome. Perfect place to watch some fireworks. National day anyone?

* *Did I mention that the birthday girls paid for dinner! Thanks babes. Time to hunt for their present now =) and maybe start searching for mine and Nithe's too since we are all 2 weeks apart.....

50 Signature Bags - LA Magazine

LA Times Magazine did an illustration of their picks of 50 Signature Bags. I've ♥ my favorites. Hopefully my next purchase can be one of these =) Lusting, dreaming, wanting all day long......



Monday, 15 March 2010

2nd must-do in KL

Shoes shopping!!! OMG, everytime I visit KL, I'm sure to come back with at least 3 pairs of shoes =) Everyone seems amused that I wear size 34-35 shoes. Snake printed leather pumps and jeweled embellished leather pumps for work. After my stupid company tighten the 'no open toe shoes' in clean room policy, I've been rotating between 2 pairs and that's sad.... My heels have all been neglected =( Now I leave few pairs of shoes under my desk so I can change if I'm going out.
Nude wedges, perfect for spring and super comfy too ♥♥♥
More nude heels but this time with perforated leather wrapped around ankles

1 out of 2 must-do in KL

Feasting is definitely right on top =)

Saturday, 13 March 2010

KL welcomes =)

2.5hrs later after driving our friend's Mazda 3 at an average of 140 km/h, we arrived safely =) We learnt that our car has a safety speed cutoff at 180km/h......

Friday, 12 March 2010

KL roadtrip awaits

Dr Jess invited us to her place in KL so 3 Drs and I are driving up!!! Have a good weekend =)

Thursday, 11 March 2010

netbook =)

Went to the IT Fair and came home with an ASUS 1005PE 10" netbook. TWas struggling between a few aesthetically prettier models but eventually, the one with the best stamina prevailed. With up to 14hrs battery life and weighing 1.27kg, traveling with it is gonna be a breeze =) here were hell lots of people 'window shopping' and strolling, so annoying. Also, I hate it when my product knowledge is better than those trying to sell me the product. These temps should at least know what they are selling and not juz stand around and take up space....

Restaurant week (22 - 28 March)

I swear I've heard about a while back but it kept slipping my mind. Finally checked it out and made reservations. Most of the popular restaurants are fully booked but I still managed to get some decent ones that I've not tried. Set dinner going from 35++ for normal restaurants and 55++ for award winning ones*. I'm definitely not going for all but my busy friends have complicated schedules so its easier for me to make reservations first then cancel otherwise. Anyone wants to join me on any days?

Mon - Garibaldi Italian Restaurant and Bar*

Sat - Song of India*

Sun - Julian Bompard* (French)

Monday, 8 March 2010

colored denim

I'm a super denim lover and have enough blue/black/gray/white to go on for 2 weeks. Spring is all about colors so why not start with some colored denim. Pastel or bright, they can easily spice up a boring outfit and add some youthfulness.
top and denims: Uniqlo, heels: Steve Madden

Saturday, 6 March 2010

dinner with chef wannabe

A good friend of mine, who is really into cooking of late, decided to invite us to his place for a mini birthday celebration. It turned out to be really good with starters, mains, dessert and even wine =) Starters were salad and toasted baguette with dip (I've no idea what's inside but could clearly taste tomato and pineapple). For mains, we had grilled chicken and beef bourgignon. We were too excited about that the beef that I forgot to snap it. Chef was still worried that we couldn't finish the huge pot but nothing's too much when Nithe's around. Dessert was chocolate souffle with ice cream. Thick and rich lava chocolate coupled with vanilla ice cream, what's more to say.... It's a pity the chef rarely gets to eat with us because he's always busy preparing the next dish for us. This deserves a hungrygowhere review =)
And since it happened to coincide with the opening of Alice in Wonderland, the host decided to impose a dress theme. I played along and put together an outfit that's definitely Halloween worthy. Guess which evil character I was playing......