Friday, 28 May 2010

feeling gray, Galet it is

This beauty came for me from Milan =) In order to save on the 7% GST, I got them to ship the bag to my friend's place in Hong Kong. It has been sitting in their house for a while now and I juz managed to free it!

Presenting 2009 F/W Galet First. I have been wanting to get a bag that's smaller for nights out and First is able to fit all my essentials nicely =) As for the color, I was choosing between Anthracite and Galet for my twiggy and decided that Anthracite, being darker, would be an easier bag to manage, hence went for that. However, Galet never left my mind. The more I look at photos of it, the more I regret not getting it. I later found out that it was a really popular color and attained 'holy grail' status among many Bal fans. The search begun and I finally got lucky at the right time! Isn't she gorgeous =) The perfect shade of gray.... Something different from the regular black and the regular hardware really stands out against the lighter color.
Sanguine GSH City vs Galet First
I shall take a photo of my mini Balenciaga family when I get back to SG. First might be the perfect size for me after all, since I only carry my wallet, wristlet, phone, camera and sun glasses regardless of the size of my bag.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Welcome to CHINA, Hong Kong

Upon our arrival in China, Hong Kong, our friends brought us to this famous restaurant, Tai Ping Koon for yummy dinner/supper, famous for their Chicken wings with Swiss sauce and their roasted pigeon.

Chinese style souffle

Monday, 24 May 2010

yipee =)

An extra S$750 on top of that iPad 64 GB wifi + 3G as remuneration for a job well done in Mexico =) Just in time for my little Hong Kong trip. Also, finally summed up the guts to request for 7 days leave (5 AL + 2 unpaid) from S but he ended up giving me all 7 days as AL. He said that he owed us leave from Mexico as we missed out on Labor Day holiday.
So much to look forward to this coming month. And I heard there's gonna be a restructuring in our management which I'll be pleased with. Can't wait =)

Friday, 21 May 2010

caught in the middle

A serious lot of drama have been happening at work this past week and all ends up with someone's incompetent arse getting fried. Something big is boiling and it's gonna turn ugly if he doesn't snap out of whatever crap he's in.... I even dreamt that he tendered his own resignation. How crazy is that....

Thursday, 13 May 2010

12 hrs daily ..........

I can't believe I've been working OVERTIME everyday since I got back from Mexico. The sad thing is that I don't get paid for overtime besides a free taxi ride home, which essentially means I'm doing charity (my boss is secretly trying to earn back the iPad he bought for us by making us slog our asses off). I'm seriously gonna raise the white flag........ Plus, I was told that I'll be involved in some covet activity that will bring changes to the company (secretly hoping that it involves some incompetent ass getting dismissed). The next 2 weeks will flying by and I'll be on my well deserved break to the land of dim sum =)

Saturday, 8 May 2010


Work has been intensively busy since we got back from Mexico and we seem to be running on overdrive. There's a million things to follow up and stuffs to clear from the 2.5 weeks absence at work. Pouching and boxing of 5000 over pieces of dummy units for sterilization validation for Cordis, along with 100% inspections of the project I was previously working on (of which some incompetent person is 'too knowledgeable' to help with) is impossible to complete within the crazy short time frame. I'll need to split myself into 4 but I must persevere as both are huge projects with good opportunities. And when all these are done, I can enjoy myself in Hong Kong =)

Monday, 3 May 2010

home sweet home

El Paso to Phoenix to San Francisco to Hong Kong to Singapore. 2 days on the plane, squashed up and tired... It's good to be home but the weather here sux totally. Totally loved it there and wished I could stay there longer. At the end of the trip, I kinda got used to waking up at 4.30am for work.. Now, off tomorrow and back to boring Woodlands on Wednesday. I need new excitement at work!!!

Apple iPad 3G + wifi in the house

OMG OMG OMG!!! Few days ago, I casually mentioned to my boss that Apple iPad 3G+wifi version will be released in USA the day before we depart. And he surprised us by getting 1 unit for each of us!!! And because each person is only limited to 2 units, boss told us that his friend managed to get 2 units and will be going back to get the 3rd unit the next day. Little did we know, 16GB was out of stock and boss informed us that a 32GB unit was purchased instead and we should decide among ourselves who gets what.
So after searching 5 different stores and determined to get the 3rd unit, it was finally purchased and delivered personally to the airport. Somehow or another, boss's friend insisted that I get the 3rd unit and as I opened it, it was freaking 64GB 3G+wifi!!!! That costs freaking US$829!!!! Totally insane coz no one was expecting it...
Now, all I can do is cross my fingers and hope that he doesn't want us to return the US$750 he issued us before the trip for expenses. It's not supposed to be used for personal expenses but obviously, it has all gone to my shopping extravaganza.....

Sunday, 2 May 2010

14 days ago, we checked into Marriott Hotel, El Paso. This was the bill I received today.
A grand total of US$2033.67!!! haahhaha. And that's juz for my room. We have 5 people in total.
This is the luggage I came with.
These are the luggages I'm leaving with. The black one is filled with goodies from this trip =) Awesomeness. I can't wait to come to USA again!!!!