Wednesday, 31 October 2007

happy halloween

It's such a pity Singaporeans don't really bother celebrating Halloween. I mean it seems like a pretty fun thing to do. Still remembered many years back when I was in sec 1 or 2, my neighbours and I specially went to buy Halloween rubber masks, wore thrash bags, and went around the estate knocking on people's door, trick-or-treating. It was weird but fun. Back then, my dad will also prepare a few packets of sweets in case some kids came pressing on our door bells. But nothing of this sort this year. People are getting old and boring. Have to make it a point to inject some spice into my life. Not gonna miss Oktoberfest or Halloween next year. It's important to have fun right Kristy. hahahaha

Tuesday, 30 October 2007


There's this engine girl who keeps walking around school with her LV SCHOOLBAG. Great.. Now I know she's rich. argh!!

Thursday, 18 October 2007

tell me how

Both Weilong and I got a place in Baxter Healthcare for our industrial attachment. Now they are juz waiting for our confirmation. I'm tempted to accept the job and stop all this search yet it's not exactly what I'm looking for. What if I'm to accept now and some other company gives me a better offer? What if I reject Baxter and get stranded with nothing in the end? Argh!! And it's $500 per month. How sad.. It's also a huge company though. Will definitely look good on my CV next time. The only consolation is probably the working hours. 830am to 430pm. I could take evening modules if I want.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

power of the stare

Today during lunch, we discovered that Kristy has a hidden power! Basically there were more guys in her direction so we got her to test the theory. She can get guy's attention with her power stare and it was tested and proven on 2 random guys. Firstly, she managed to get J's friend's attention despite J's countless efforts. Secondly, we picked some stranger and asked her to make eye contact with him and then smile. I bet that guy sensed it coz his table kept looking over after that. It was totally hilarious and it started with J's plan to give the "JX look". Now we know J has 'bad' taste.
And we are having this obsession with soft and straight hair, inspired by a very pretty girl. Kristy and I are gonna try as many hair treatment, hair mask, hair serum as possible

Sunday, 14 October 2007

i'm lovin' the Bies

Chilling out at a girlfriend's house, casting aside all school's datelines and juz relaxing seems so unreal. We sat around, watching movies and eating ben&jerry's, chicken wings, ruffles and lays, drinking bailey's, oggle/bitch at hot girls, and had girl talks.

All these were happening in Chiew's room while the guys/bfs were outside occupying themselves.

Let's all share the love


Saturday, 13 October 2007

6 piece nuggets

I was looking through my old photos and this is what I spotted. 6 pieces nuggets look real yummy! Must work harder and tone up my body. Have been too lazy to visit the gym. I need more discipline.

Friday, 12 October 2007

i love hairy

Being the eve of Hari Raya, my mum was feeling lazy and didn't want to go to work. She offered treating me to lunch, so we went for dim sum. So happened that it's the hairy crab season and my dad wanted some. haha. I'm such a freeloader!

This small little thing costs $50.

Look at how rich its roe is. Yummy! There's not much crab meat in its small shell but it's really sinful to pay $50 juz to eat the roe. So a little scissors is provided to cut through everything and suck out as much meat as possible. It took me about half an hour to be done with it.

It's called hairy crab for a reason.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

dt's 21st birthday

Went to JiMei Floral, one of the many nurseries along Macritchie, to get flowers for dt's party at night. She wanted to decorate her porch with fresh flowers to suit her theme.

Look at the pretty flowers! Over 100 stalks for $85 bucks. The prettier the rose, the more thorny it is. How true is that.. Mich Lee, WL, Dt and I had to brave the thorns to weave the flowers on her fences. And Dt forced me to wear something flowery and said specifically that no flowers, no entry. hahahha. So many of them didn't have flowers on. Somehow, I feel tall in this photo.

To fully utilize the flowers, Dt made all of us take a bunch of them to take photos. I had to harden my hands to protect myself from the thorny roses. But they are truly beautiful.

HCJC 03S65

Where are we?

Monday, 8 October 2007

my hand eats chocolate too

TYW was in a hallowen mood so he bought chocolates for the whole class and distributed them during tutorial. After everyone stole their FAT share, the thing with my mole started.

Jordan (pointing to his lips): LQ, u wanna eat chocolate?
LQ (pointing to the mole in the middle of my palm): Yes my hands want to eat chocolate too.
TYW was shocked and totally lost. It didn't help when Jordan and company started to laugh real loudly. I was sitting at the last row and practically the whole class turned back and looked at me. It was MEGA embarassing. I didn't realize how loud I was and I remembered vividly TYW saying that tutorial was over and you people can leave.

My hand is so gonna be associated with chocolate from now.

Friday, 5 October 2007


Weilong and I went for Baxter interview and it went alright. Bullshit my way through, no awkward silences, kept asking questions to sound real interested. heehee. Luckily he didn't test me on academic based stuffs coz I'll probably be stuck. We were then brought on a window tour of the plant. It's really cool. Everything is highly automated. People wearing gowns, hair caps and shoes cover to ensure not the slightest bit of hair or unwanted material gets into the product. At the end of the tour, they told us that only take 1 of us will get the job. And Weilong also found out that they are paying a peanut sum of $500 per month. Totally cheap labour. So as for now, we are keeping our fingers crossed.

I seriously HATE waiting.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

dt's cool camera

Spent almost the whole lecture fiddling with dt's new Sony Cybershot T70. It has a damn cool function - auto smile detector, where it automatically snaps a shot when you are smiling without the need to press the button to take the shot. We were like retards, getting people around us to smile, and taking shots of each other in the LT. People seated behind us probably thought that we were crazy.. Well, we kinda understood how it works but sometimes it juz hates us. But it's still a very cool camera. TOUCH SCREEN!!!

Focus on the effects and ignore my narcissism

Dt loving her NEW phone!

And, I've concluded that it's teeth sensitive and not smile sensitive.

ChengLong tried to take a smiling shot without his teeth. He looks constipated