Monday, 30 November 2009

pieces of HK brought back to SG

Love from HK! thanks Chiew =) Photo taken by my phone's camera before Nithe swallowed it..

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Uniqlo Collection from Tokyo

WOOHOO!!! I've won tickets to the Uniqlo Collection from Tokyo, featuring the best from their S/S10 collections for both men and women as well as Uniqlo +J by Jil Sander. Did I mention that its strictly for VIPs, media and invited guests and will be held at Ritz-Carlton Millenia!!!! I have to confess that the only Uniqlo item I own is a working blouse which I've yet to wear. Nevertheless, it's a FASHION SHOW and I'm a sucker at that =)

Is there a difference between dressing nicely and dressing fashionably?

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

looking forward to doing nothing

3.5 days holiday and I have no where to go and nothing to do =( MOH treats their doctors like robots and don't think that they need their public holidays/weekends.......

Stop accusing me for the mess you created. It seems like the thing you do best is pushing every single blame to others to protect ur smelly and incompetent arse. 1 more strike and I'm out of this place. And you are officially on my silent treatment list. I'll make sure I'm at least 5m away from you unless forced.

Monday, 16 November 2009

I <3 style:

WOHOO!! There's a photo of Sarah and I on the December Issue of Style: Magazine, featuring the Mango Style Workshop. More about the event here.

team outing

2 consecutive days of Indian fish head curry at Little India over the weekend. 1 with YACG pals and the other with Nithe's new SGH colleagues. hahaha... hanging out with the real doctors (housemen + some of their SIPs). Apparently the medical officers and registrars were too busy (our guess is that they are secretly doing rounds because that's their hobby and they have nothing better to do).
Some background about his team. General Surgery at SGH, specializing in boobies (= cancer). His whole team comprises of 2 MALE, his big boss the head of his team, and him. I mean of coz the boobie team is mostly females. And because he's in between batches, his fellow HOs are all overseas medical graduates. 2 of them actually stay in apartments behind Mount E at Orchard. Come on, rental itself is already more than their HO's meager pay and we are talking about a studio apartment, not condo or house. Let's see whether Nithe becomes the bully or gets bullied by the ladies...

Friday, 13 November 2009

jeffrey campbell in SG PLSSSSSSSSSSSS

I've been dying to get this pair of booties for awhile. Anyone interested to get anything from It's free international shipping for over US$199. Oh, they juz stocked up on Jeffrey Campbell 99 and Jeffrey Campbell Tick

And I'll die for these too.... but too bad they don't do international shipping =(

Sunday, 8 November 2009

tis the hairy season

Hairy crab, being a famous Shanghai cuisine, is best to be eaten at the famous Grand Shanghai restaurant. It's one of those Chinese restaurants which I've heard so much about but yet to try.
They are having a Chinese Mitten Crab (hairy crab) promotion set dinner, 1-for-1 at $148++

I was really impressed by the decor when I first walked in. The chandeliers, live Chinese music, the sofas, everything... Of coz the crab was the highlight dish but my favorite has to be the braised abalone =) I suspect it's cooked in a Cantonese style and thus most pleasing to my taste buds. Mitten crab is prized for its female crab roe. The crab itself is rather small and has little meat, unlike our usual Sri Lanka crab. Eating this small little thing tend to be quite tedious......

Poor Nithe had to rush over from SGH at 830pm when he was supposed to end at 6pm. And right before dinner, he was searching for glass.......

Thursday, 5 November 2009

warehouse galore

What there not to love about warehouse sales when the prices are so crazy!!! The only trouble is finding a way to skip work and squeezing through the crowd to dig up sizes which should have all been sold out during the store sales. It tend to be the case for most warehouse sale. If you miss the preview, chances are it gets so messy and all the nice stuffs are gone. That's the primary reason why I always insist on hitting sales when they are fresh. There might be further markdowns on the final day but what are the chances of finding an S?
I totally love Zara blazers and I don't mind it being slight 'oversized' and let my dryer do the shrinking so I grabbed any S that I saw at the ZARA Bazaar. XS was extinct and I didn't even bother looking. Blazers were going for $35 when their original prices were over $150 and tops for $5 (I'll be happy even wearing them to sleep). The top 2 blazers are for a friend while the rest are MINE =) The scale of the sale isn't huge and sizes are limited so unless you live around the area, you might want to sit out of this.

Next on to the Kate Spade Preview Sale. The selection wasn't fantastic and for those who are thinking of dropping by tmr or Sat, don't expect to get anything nice because it's all gone =) Okay, NONE of these bags are for myself but I still feel really happy buying them on behalf of my friends who were busy at work. Black leather bags are classics and easy to maintain. The best thing is the most expensive one was $369. For a full leather bag this size, GREAT BUY.

I think I should juz change line and become a personal shopper. I think I'll be great at it. Anyone wants to hire me? Maybe pay me a commission of 5-10%? hahahaha......

I wanted to take a break from work without having to sacrifice my precious annual leave. MC appeared to be the best and only way. So I came up with a story and went to the clinic after my shopping. The doctor asked me what's wrong with me and did his usual examination. After taking my temperature with a DIGITAL thermometer, he told me I had fever!!! Ok, now I'm really sick. hahahaha. That's 2 days of MC =) wohoo..... Plus, I'll be out of office on Monday because I'm on ISO 13485 course at BSI. So it's gonna be a long weekend for me. If only Lenith was free to company me, or my hardworking friends are not busy at work.........

warehouse bargains

I've decided to take a day off work and do what I love most =) Zara and Kate Spade warehouse sale. Hope for a good harvest.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

what thrills me more than a little blue box

Apparently, these classic double C interlocking earrings sell so quickly that it's hardly in stock. I knew that I had to get it even though there are a million of replicas at a fraction of the retail price. It's sooooo gorgeous.... Embellishments to my pixie ears =)

Monday, 2 November 2009

morning in, night out

Today marks the day my boy officially starts working as a houseman at SGH General Surgery. It's gonna be 80+ hrs/week from now on. Living hell......

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Class of NYGH 4/5 2002 - 6 years later

6 years upon graduation from NYGH, with the help of facebook and friendster (I know who ever uses friendster these days??), the forces aligned and a gathering was organized. This is the first time an official gathering was organized since graduation. Sad but true, I swear it was hard trying to recall who was in my class and we had to match by their positions they were sitting in class. Till now, there are still 7 mysterious souls I've yet to figure out. Need to dig out my year book some day. Maybe I'll attempt to dig out and post my class photo. I think most of us look pretty much the same with a few exceptions =) For those who didn't make it, there's definitely gonna be another gathering SOON.
Of coz, the biggest talk was our class baby is MARRIED! She's still as goofy as ever. hahaha.. At the age of 23, in my definition that's freaking young to get married. So who's next? haahhaha....

top left: Jean (HDB public relations), Sarah (SQ Stewardess), Lilin (interior designer), Weiyan (freelance actress),
Yijun (engineer in transition), Claire (medical student), Jin Yue (auditor), Mrs WEE - Su Weiling ( finance, married)

bottom left: E'Ching (medical student), Li Quan (biomedical engineer), Alicia (teacher),
Audrey (biopolis researcher), Yuenying (mum's company), Sujuan (teacher).

NYGFs missing 2 =)

playsuit: Topshop, belt: Zara, heels: Pedder Red, bag: Balenciaga