Thursday, 28 January 2010

my inner convent girl

The moment I saw this romper, it was love at first sight. Rekindling love for uniforms and pinafores. I felt like I was back in school, JC days to be exact where I practically wore different uniforms throughout the week. The only time I wore my own sec school uniform was on the first day of JC. It's no secret how bad my uniform looked. It's as boring as it can ever get. There's only 1 way you can wear it, unless folding of skirt is counted. There's no such thing as folding of sleeves as there were no sleeves, no such thing as not tucking your blouse properly as it's meant to be tucked out, no such thing as fancy socks and jackets as we had to wear school socks and jackets. They even went to the extend of controlling the color of our undergarments. Really glad those days were over....... Presenting my version of a chic school uniform.
How cute are these vintage looking bow buttons
Hosiery seems to be my latest obsession
top: mum's, playsuit: Miss Selfridge, leggings: Topshop, heels: Pedder Red

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

post work activity

Who says office is boring when there's live streaming of Australian Open, picnic with chocolates from USA, cranberry & orange cookies and coke. Doing some work, watching some tennis and secretly waiting to take free taxi home.
Picked up this cute little bow tie during the Zara sale at the kid's section. Maybe I look like a waiter, maybe a casino dealer, but I say it's quirky. My colleagues still find it amusing why I bother dolling up for work when I have to wake up at 620am........ That's my little secret =)
shirt + bow tie: Zara, jeans: 7 for all mankind, shoes: ASOS, bag: Mulberry Alexa

Sunday, 24 January 2010

♥ A-L-E-X-A ♥

lusted it. wanted it. bagged it =)
I can't explain how much I love this bag. The first time I've spotted this bag was around September, carried by Alexa Chung herself. It kinda resembles the famous Proenza Schouler bag, made popular by the Olsens but the Alexa had a more casual and rugged edge to it. Being a Balenciaga girl, I love soft leather and bags that don't have a fix shape. Mulberry Bayswater is way too structured for my liking but Alexa seems nice and soft. Some people on TPF have been thrashing this bag, saying that the leather is thin and flimpsy, looks cheap, blah blah but I think they failed to realise that the bag was designed to look slouchy and casual as seen carried by Alexa Chung. In my opinion, the slouchyness will give the bag it's own edge and the leather will only get better with more wear. I love the design completely and have no issues with the leather. Oh, another thing is the size. It is smaller than expected but the size fits me perfectly. It's smaller than my Balenciaga City, which is ideal since my mum feels that city looks too big on my petite frame =) New bag to go with my new wardrobe.
top: mum's, shorts: Miss Selfridge, bag: Mulberry Alexa, heels: Jeffrey Campbell

Saturday, 23 January 2010


I was thrilled when I flipped through Urban newspaper. Please refer to 22 Jan issue, page 19 & 20. 2 of my current favorite items from my wardrobe were featured =) Why am I still working as an engineer?????
topshop polkadot playsuit
Mulberry Alexa Oversize in Shiny Leopard

'IT' nails

Not too long ago, everyone was into the jade nails that we saw on the Chanel runway. Celebs, bloggers were all spotted in this hue. As much as I loved it, I wasn't really able to hunt down the tone to my liking and my job doesn't allow me to have colored nails too.

New this spring, TAUPE nails was again spotted on Chanel's runway. Apparently, there's a new name for this color. GREIGE: grey meets beige. I was determined to get it this time round but was still too late as all the Chanel polish in Particuliere were out. Not surprised at all so I tried my next best option, OPI and managed to bag the last bottle at the store =) This is a more neutral hue and goes perfectly with something special I'll reveal soon...........

Over the taupe by OPI

denim on denim

Spring defines how denim is to be worn. Denim on denim is gonna be huge in 2010 =)
My version of how I match denim with denim. A relax and industrial vibe gives it such a casual look.
top: Zara, jeans: H&M, necklace: F21, boots: Zara
The bottom is re worn as the rest of my jeans are still sealed in my wardrobe. But I really like this denim blazer. There are areas that are slightly bleached out and the fit is really nice. Looks much better worn then on the hanger =)
blazer: Miss Selfridge, top: H&M, jeans: H&M, necklace: F21

Friday, 22 January 2010

1 boot 3 ways

Browsing through the Zara sale and managed to spot these pair of leather combat boots from the pile, which also happened to be in my size =) It's full leather, super comfy and price friendly. Have been thinking of getting a pair of simple black flat boots to company my Dr Martens, something I can wear to work as well as for travel. This pair fits perfectly. It's so versatile that it can not only be worn 1 way, 2 ways, but 3 ways.

1 day closer, 1 week closer

Work was interesting the past week as I got to call the shots. My boss and big boss were both out of town for various meetings around the world. Why does smelly PS have to come back so soon............ Don't think anyone will miss him =|

Due to my laziness to pack, my collapsing, stuffed to the max old wardrobe had been sealed up to facilitate the renovations going on in my room. I'm running out of clothes to wear so I can either hide at home or shop for new clothes =)

Monday, 18 January 2010


my office suddenly decided to block facebook. arghhhhhh

Sunday, 17 January 2010

gold silver and bronze

In my attempt to box up my life, this was the hardest to part. The hard work, hours of trainings under the crazy sun, sweat, tears and joy, team mates, weekends burnt for competitions produced these. Sometimes when I look at them, it feels so foreign, as though it was a life time ago as there's not a shadow of it left in me now. But when I looked at those little labels I had stuck under them, the surge of emotions overwhelmed me. How painful it was to miss the age group record by 3cm, falling short to qualify for the Sea Games training squad by 1cm, breaking the age group record without knowing, completed the jump and waiting for the empire to call out the distance before jumping for joy when you won your opponent at the final attempt. 9 years of hard work, 41 golds, 23 silvers and 15 bronzes, this will always be a part of my life which I'm proud of.

if only everything could disappear at a snap of my fingers

My parents juz informed me that I have 2 DAYS to pack up everything I want in my room so that renovation can start on Tuesday. It's gonna take a freaking miracle for that to happen. Don't think it's even possible for me to pack up my room given 2 weeks. I think I might juz end up throwing away most things. Stacks of lecture notes, textbooks, boxes of trophies that seemed to be won a lifetime ago, memorabilia, clothes, junk............ Pre CNY spring cleaning begins =( And I'll be relegated to my sis's room and live off clothes from a box for hopefully not more than a week. Ikea anyone?

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Jeffrey Campbell luvvvvvvvvv

Jeffrey Campbell did it again! This time adding 2 new colors to the ever popular Jeffrey Campbell 99. Anyone interested? I may consider getting myself 1 in ivory snake...... Yes I know I'm on a shoe ban that's y I'm leaving it to the hands of others. I'll consider only if I can find someone else who wants to get something from to qualify for free international shipping (above US$199). Not that hard as it only requires 2 pairssssss.
black, black snake, gray snake, ivory snake

Monday, 11 January 2010

leave one for me plsssssssss

Juz 1 hr into it's online launch, it's SOLD OUT! Amazing.... When will I be getting one?

living off a pile

I didn't realize designing the interior of my custom-made wardrobe is such a hassle. Trying to get it done hopefully by CNY, which means I no longer have to live off the piles of clothes on the floor (yes, the floor because my wardrobe is too full and messy to find anything out of it). But before that, I'll have to pack everything, or stuffs that I THINK I still want, into boxes. It's gonna be about 2.5X the original size (2 to 6 panels) and include shelving for my bags. I'm surprised by how much clothes I've managed to stuff into my sad little 2 panel wardrobe over the years so much so that it's slightly tilted to one side and my mum fears that it will crush me someday when I'm sleeping. Doesn't seem like too bad an idea to be buried in clothes =)