Tuesday, 9 November 2010

3rd visit of the year and still lovin' it =)

After 1 week of negotiable 'hard' work, we ended on a high note =) Working in a R&D company, whose datelines are animal clinical trials, 'first in man', regulatory issues etc, are totally different than working in a manufacturing facility. These are the people with imagination, brains and wealth of course. I'm seriously looking forward to the day SG's medical device sector morphs to this stage.

After an hour drive down from Pleasanton (a city with nothing but offices), we reached the most visited destination in SF. Really good weather was on your side =) This is Golden Gate Bridge from Tiburon.
America is totally the land of junk food and candies...
Next up, awesome dinner at Fisherman Wharf =)

Yes it's not black pepper crab or chilli crab but man, they were soooo good =) 5 of us killed 4 buckets of snow crab and king crab. This is gonna be my 'must go' place every time I visit SF.