Monday, 27 November 2006

freeze! don't move

It's not the noise that's irritating, but the stillness that's killing me.. Lucky it's all over.

Thursday, 23 November 2006


Went to Singapore Sports School to visit Mr Paul as he's leaving Singapore for good. On my way there, memories started flooding my mind, about the times when i would rush down from school, rot on the bus for 45 mins, then take another 10 min walk to SSS (it was quite inaccessible back then coz SSS was new). Mr Paul would be sitting near the track with his cap, his backpack and his stopwatch. Sometimes, we could hear him scolding across the field in german. All those were 3 years ago, yet memories of it felt so vivid.
When we arrived, we found out that we intruded his 'COACH party'. Coaches from german, russian, australian and local coaches were present. Felt weird initially but juz sat around and listened to the stories they shared. Also, caught up with Xiaofeng and Hakeem. Mr. Valerie drinks hard liquor like water. Finished half a bottle in like 2 hours.
Afterwhich, Hakeem allowed me to be his pillion rider on his new bike. Virgin bike experience was thrilling and chilly. hahaha..
Mr Paul will definitely be missed. He has really taught and inspired me greatly.

Monday, 20 November 2006

welcome new neighbour

Over past week, had been with helping nithe with packing, cleaning, and unpacking. Finally, it's all over and nithe has settled into his new house. It's so fun that we are juz 2 mins walk away, can go out for supper and midnight jogs..

Thursday, 16 November 2006

lesson learnt

It's simple. If u are happy with a group of friends, hang on. If u feel excluded, and negative thoughts start popping up, either u are not putting in enough effort or they are keeping u out (knowingly or unknowingly). If something someone did is significant enough to affect u, it shows u care. If not, y even bother. Eventually, it's up to u how much u value ur friendship.
I once felt she meant a great deal to me, but after time, i realised i knew real little about her. There's no more sharing, no more interest in each other's life, till the stage where we're like strangers with a past. What's there i can do? Hang on and pretend that we're still fine?
Nithe said i should juz keep my mouth shut and juz scold him when i feel like bitching. Shall turn on stealth mode and learn to be more sensitive towards others.
Nothing in this world is unconditional..

Wednesday, 15 November 2006

sneezing spell

I need a nose transplant. It's about to drop out considering the number of times i've sneezed in the past few days. Anyone has a nose to trade?

Monday, 13 November 2006

sleeping bug

Trying real hard to fight the sleeping bug but have not been very successful. Afternoon-fall-asleeps are inevitable especially when i'm TRYING to study. At the rate i'm going, i'll probably not even complete half of the syllabus by exams. Someone please wake me up and force me to study.

Friday, 10 November 2006

what type of person are u?

You've studied REALLY HARD for a test but ended up doing quite badly. People who studied much less did better. Would you

a) Tell yourself to study even harder coz the reason you didn't perform is due to lack of preparation
b) Blame it on bad luck
c) Change your method of studying and realise that maybe hard work != to good grades
d) Slack like the rest and leave it to fate

e) Come to the conclusion that you are dumb and give up on studying

Thursday, 9 November 2006

what's your problem

My sis's exams are over and she being a total ass. Spends 80% of her time at home in my room facing the stupid computer watching youtube. It's my room and i'm having exams soon. Shouldn't she follow my schedule instead and use the computer when i'm not at home? Thanks to my lousy and unstable wireless internet. Most of the time it only works on the wired unit, thus the internet cable has to be shared between 2 computers, which also makes her room's computer useless as the wireless connection sux. Maybe i should start studying in school where i can tap on the MEGA internet, or camp at nithe's house after he shifts so that i can save my ears from "What's your problem".

Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Mr. Security Guard

The security guard commented," Juz now the BIG one drove in, now the SMALL one driving out". What an observation!

Tuesday, 7 November 2006

it's all about the rain

Oh it's a localized rain. Oh wait, it's probably some fountain splashing water. Are u sure? I think it's the pipes leaking lah! NOPE. It's the raining tree from Singapore Biennale 2006.
Was enjoying the night river breeze at Empress Place while waiting anxiously for the tree to start raining. Not long after, started hearing water. Stood under the tree for awhile after which listened to the sounds of rain drops hitting the ground from afar. Passerbys must have thought that i was crazy to stand in the rain. They were too busy dodging the rain that they failed to realise that it was only raining in that small area.
Isn't this beautiful?
"after three weeks of talking to an Angsana Tree in Singapore it started raining out of the crone just before the opening of the Singapore Biennale. It is said that the rain of the tree washes away sins, cures diseases and even makes us younger.
If u wanna catch a glimpse of this miracle tree, pls visit The Singapore MiracleAngsana tree in front of the Asian Civilisations Museum@ the Singapore River, Empress Place.

Monday, 6 November 2006

BEST Sale ever

Went for the cult sale at Raffles Conventional Hall.. If the queue to get into the hall was crazy, wad about the queue for the fitting rooms? The main attraction of this sale was the Branded jeans which apparently had discounts ranging from 40-70%. The shocking thing is that the prices of these jeans AFTER discount still exceeds $200. How can i bear to part with so much money juz for a pair of jeans? People won't even know how expensive it is by juz looking. Instead, i was drawn by the accessories sale. Bagged 2 shades, 1 Guess: $45 and 1 Fendi: $55, and 1 prescribed glasses from Loewe: $55. The best thing was that the retail price of the Guess shades is $225. Yet to check out the others.
Dropped by Holland V after that and bought another 3 tops and 1 cap. Didn't know wad gave me the urge to spurge so much within a day. Totally insane shopping! Somebody stop me pls..

Saturday, 4 November 2006


Finally went to try the Brewerkz burger with nithe. The serving was HUGE! We ordered Buffalo Chicken Wings, King Brew Burger (double patties), 1 Alt Bier, and 1 FruitBrewz. We did have light dinner before that, but we were totally filled after eating these. Clark Quay area is really bustling at night. Singapore do have a night life, just that it usually doesn't involve me. hahaha
Walked over the ACM in search of the raining tree. Walked pass indochine at Empress Place. That place's ambience is totally WOW! Great place to chill out with friends. Anyway, sat under the raining tree for a whole 40 mins but not even a single drop of water came down. Disappointing.. Shall come back some other day specially to see it rain, hoping that it will rain on me.

Friday, 3 November 2006

Is there anything wrong with the way i sit?

There's this indian bitch at NUSS club. It's like she has nothing better to do. Came into the reading room, and demanded to see my membership card. Okay, so students can't have membership access to NUSS Graduate Club? Then she went on telling me, "there's a dress code, no shorts, no slippers, only those with straps". Pls man, my birkies don't have strap? hello!! Then to the way i sit. "You are not supposed to take off ur shoes and sit with my legs crossed on the chair". This was the SECOND time she ticked me off because of how i sat. Finally, "no food should be eaten in the here and pls finish ur drink outside". Fine i know i'm not supposed to eat here but other people were eating too.. juz that they finished theirs without letting that bitch spot. So her club is a big deal.. If she's so gd, she should be working at a real country club and not hide at NUSS.