Saturday, 30 October 2010

3rd in a year

Slightly over 1 month returning from USA, I'm making my way there again. This is the first time I've to travel in such short notice. 1.5 days to be exact. It all happened so quickly and it somewhat felt coincidental. Just happened that our client requested to bring a technician to USA to assist in 'first in man' builds, just happened that the same client had quality/materials inspection issues, just happened that I was involved in those issues, just happened that I walked into bboss's office to clarify something, just happened that he knew I love to travel. I'm so unprepared that I don't have anything I'm dying to buy. I've barely settled back after 2 crazy weeks of audit prep. Just as I thought I have 1 slow week ahead before more training resumes, I was thrown with this surprise. As I just managed to lose the weight from my previous trip... My wallet is still recovering. This is bad.....

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