Thursday, 9 September 2010

Little Sally

A simple shoulder flap handbag is something every lady should own. Yes, it really puzzles me who a small little purse which requires so little leather cost more than a regular sized handbag that uses more than twice the amount of leather. But there's something about the simplicity of these designs that make them stand out. I've listed some of my favorites =)
Clockwise: Hermes Constance, Celine Box, Mulberry Lily, Chloe Sally, Chanel Flap
Hunting this down was quite painful. Many stores only bring in the bigger size, which was spotted on Rachel Bilson and Leighton Meester. However, I felt that the bigger version made it lose its lady-likeness and continued hunting for the small version. Of coz, eventually finding it made the purchase extra sweet...... I really like the intertwined gold shoulder chain. But it made the bag really heavy for its size. Nevertheless, isn't it always beauty over pain? hahahaha
Little Sally against Bal First. Small bags for petite me =) Spreading my options these days.


  1. Hey girl,

    Would like to find out how did you manage to hunt for your galet first earlier this year when the color was sold out worldwide?

    I am hunting for a galet work ggh myself.

  2. I bought mine from balenciaga Milan. Was really lucky locating it. But galet is almost extinct. And ggh is even harder to find. Good luck with your hunt. How do u usually get your bals from? Overseas email or boutique?

  3. Boutique. I was in Milan last month but the store was closed for 1 week when I was there. RAHHHHH! I came across a Galet Work GSH and CGH but didn't like the combi. RH or GGH looks better on Galet. And yeah it's real tough to get this color nowadays :(